Surprising kitchen hacks you need to know….

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Tricks and DIYs often help us save our time and effort to get things done faster. This article is about how to use these hacks in the kitchen. From heating up food evenly in a microwave, storing glass bottles in a way that they don’t take up too much space, and peeling things quickly.

Here are some surprising kitchen hacks you might find useful.

Keeping eggs fresh:

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You can store eggs for a longer period of time when you smear each of them with vegetable oil before placing them in the fridge.

Peeling eggs faster and smoother:

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One of the proven ways to peel boiled eggs without the hassle is to crack each egg’s shell and put them in cold water to cool down and then take them off after a while. Cool right?

Making perfect eggs:

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You’ll need a jar lid or an onion ring. Put it on a pan and crack an egg inside of it. That way, it won’t spread all over the pan. Remember to remove the ring when you’re done.

Making soggy chips crispy again:

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Don’t throw your chips away if they have come into contact with humid air or water. Instead, take a plate. Put a napkin or a kitchen towel on it, put your chips on top of it, cover them with another napkin and put it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. Take it out and voila! Your chips are crispy again.

Storing bottles correctly:

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It’s simple. Use binder clips to fix your bottles horizontally in a fridge. This way, it doesn’t roll over and take so much space.

Grilling delicate fish:

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To avoid your fish sticking to the grill, put your fish on an improvised “lemon carpet.” Your fish will be safe and will come out with a nice lemon flavour. That’s a plus.

The open secret feature of a cutting board:

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So many people have been missing this. Those elongated holes on cutting boards right, are not just handles. The hole allows you to sweep your cut vegetables into a bowl so that the pieces don’t fall elsewhere.

Try these kitchen hacks and let us know if they were useful for you.

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