How To Avoid Fire Out Breaks In Your Environment….

Fire outbreaks are a common threat during hot seasons or dry summers, but this year’s outbreak has been particularly severe. Stories and visuals of uncontrollable fire outbreak from different parts of the world can be seen on social media leading of loss of properties worth millions and in very unfortunate cases, lives.
Early in November, Australians in and around Sydney all the way north to the Gold Coast faced the highest wildfire risk predicted for the region, as an outbreak of deadly bush fires continues to scorch more than a million acres of the unusually hot and drought-stricken country.

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In Africa, especially Lagos Nigeria a popular market had twin fires with just six hours between them.

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In most cases fire outbreaks do not just happen on their own. They are usually triggered. Fires are disastrous but with the right prevention and precaution you can avoid the most common causes of fire.

Here are some dos and don’ts…

Always put off appliances when not in use:
For those who go out to work, put off all appliances at home to avoid voltage surge that may follow when power is restored after an outage. The same applies for the office when leaving.

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Do not overload electrical sockets:
Avoid overloading electrical sockets/outlets to prevent sparks that may lead to fire.

Do not smoke at bed time:
This is for smokers. After a late night party or stressful day, it may be tempting to have a stick just before bed. With the possibility of dozing off, there is a tendency to toss the butt anywhere while it has half-lit. If that lands on the rug or mattress, the consequences can only be imagined

Avoid the use phones in the kitchen:
In this era of phone and social media, many people go into the kitchen with their phones. The temptations are many. For one, an incoming call may provide a distraction too costly.

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Fuel your generator before turning it on:
With the series, soaps, football tournament and other distracting TV shows, one can be made to sit for long hours and for places that experience epileptic power supply, you might want to quickly put on the generator so you don’t miss a thing. Ensure you put sufficient fuel in the generator to avoid you hurriedly, pouring in fuel while the generator is running. It is a no no.

Do not be an emergency engineer or electrician:
Avoid fixing electrical faults personally when you apparently do not have the skill. Violating the basic rule of aligning like charges can lead to a spark which may result in fire.

Get a Thunder Arrestor:
Thunder storms deliver a huge amount of electrical charge. The work of a Thunder Arrestor is to safely lead this powerful current away from the building to the earth to avoid fire. Get one.

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Keep the candle on a candle stand: We put candles and leave them beside curtains or clothes or even on tables made from wood. The candle may fall off or a nearby object may get burned. All naked fires must be put in a container and monitored all the time.

Speak Out and Act:
When you see someone engaging in harmful practices that can result in a fire outbreak, speak up and correct the person. If the individual does not receive correction, report to the authorities.

Once a fire outbreak happens quickly make attempts to put it off with the fire extinguisher. Once the smoke detector alarm goes off alert everyone as you’re making for the nearest exit. If you see that the fire is beyond your control dial the emergency number straight away.

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