Back-to-School Guide for Your Children….

It’s the much talked about new year! The holidays are over and reality is begining to dawn for many, especially the children, as period of spending time with friends, carefree adventures, going to bed late and getting up without the alarm clock has finally come to an end.

It’s time to get back to school.

Whether you can’t wait till your kids are back in school or they themselves dread the more regimented days ahead, there’s one thing you can count on: the early back-to-school period is almost always a big transition and you need to be prepared.

Whether your child is starting as a fresh pupil, or is an experienced student who can’t wait to get back to school, they need to get prepared as well.

We have provided some tried and true tips for you;

Gradually adjust your schedule:

Start easing your children into their school-year routine a couple of days before school starts. Let them go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and serve meals around the same time that kids will be having them when school begins.

Discuss their schedule: 

Talk to your child about how much time they will spend doing homework every day and which part of the day will be reserved for homework. In addition, agree on their free time which they can spend doing things they enjoy.

Go shopping for school supplies and clothes:

To prepare for the beginning of the next school year, you need to purchase school supplies, books, clothes, shoes and other needed items. Allow your child to have a say in the choice of the items as it helps them actively participate in their education.

Introduce your child to everything that awaits them in the new year/session:

Each new year introduces some new changes either in the family (new year resolutions) or with the school. Find an appropriate way to explain what this means to your child(ren) and how it affects them before the beginning of the school year. That way they will experience school and life as an adventure and will be eager to start learning new things.

This is wishing all our kids a fantastic new year and amazing records in 2024!

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