12 awesome Christmas gift guide for your budget….

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It has been an unpredictable and hard year for many of us. Yet we lived through it and are moving on with life. That is one reason to be grateful even as the year is taking a wrap.

The holidays are upon us and Christmas is fast approaching therefore, we need to get ready before hand to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Not to worry if you are not as financially buoyant as you thought you would be to splurge this season. Ibiene is bringing to you budget friendly Christmas gift ideas that you’ll find useful, attractive for your friends and loved ones. 

Budget friendly Christmas ideas for you;

  • A nice poster or print in a good frame:
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Having a beautiful picture of anything on the wall is awesome. First, if it is in the sitting room, it piques the attention of visitors. Secondly, if it is in the room, then it is personal. Find out what that friend likes or needs and gift the person a pictorial representation of it. One example could be a word of hope for the coming year especially if the person has suffered huge loss as a result of the pandemic. That friend will forever be grateful. If the person is really into music, find a nice concert poster from a favourite band.

  • Recipe cards:
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Here’s the good news. You can make it yourself with a few stationery supplies. If that loved one has been talking about craving a particular food or you visited a restaurant and the person can’t stop talking about the meal, get the recipe as a card with a beautiful message at the back or underneath, wrap and deliver. Your friend will thank you. If you don’t have an awesome handwriting, consult a nephew or niece who does.

  • Scented candles:
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Nobody forgets the person who brings a nice smell into the house. That is what gifting your loved ones scented candles will do. Guess what? It is affordable and available anywhere.

  • Bluetooth Shower Speaker:
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Do you have that friend who suddenly becomes a choir member anytime the shower is turned on? Then you should get this hands-free speaker that will act as a companion during bath time.

  • Vegetable Spiral Slicer:
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You see, this will help that loved one to keep up with his new year resolution of eating healthy and keeping fit. It’s manual, doesn’t take an effort and leaves the fruit dish looking neat and beautiful. It is budget friendly and available anywhere.

  • A good book:
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A book opens one’s mind to endless possibilities. If you know an area where a friend is struggling and you don’t seem to have the answer, get a book that discusses the issue in question. It will go a long way in helping that friend. You can gift that person an autobiography of his favourite person, a novel or even a comic book. This will sure put a smile on their faces.

  • Mugs:
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A beautiful mug never goes wrong. People drink something every day- whether water, juice or coffee. Who doesn’t love a coffee mug printed with a photo of happy memories? Anytime the person picks the mug, you come to mind. ‘

  • Christmas tree ornament:
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It’s about the season right? With each ornament you give, you’re helping your loved one get one step closer to not having to throw a whole bunch of just gold balls (that always fall off) on their trees.

  • Small gardening tools:
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This would be awesome for a friend who tends to a garden in her home or a friend who has been dreaming of gardening but hasn’t made a step. That little tool gift could be a spur.

  • A journal or notebook with a personal note:
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Keeping a journal helps increase focus, promote mindfulness, and boost memory. An empty notebook is full of promises, especially for a person who is looking to having a productive new year.

  • Travel pillow
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Do you know the pain you are sparing your friend by giving them a travel pillow? Only those who have been trapped on a six-hour flight with nothing but the headrest to comfort them would understand.

  • Woven gift Items:
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From mats, to small baskets, table mats, window blinds and much more, a hand made woven gift item spells love to anyone who receives such a gift.

A gift no matter how small goes a long way to show love, mend broken relationships or provide comfort among others. You don’t have to wait till you’re super rich before gifting someone this season. Many of our loved ones really need this gesture. Extend a hand today.

Did we miss any beautiful yet budget friendly gift? Do share with us in the comment section.

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