Fine Dining at Home

Fine dining is about upscale dressing, a formal atmosphere, fancy menus, candles and mood lighting, wine and champagne, and maybe even sommeliers. If you’ve been looking forward to a day of living classy on a budget, you’re in luck because I have all the tips you need!

1.Spruce Up Your Home: Home can be quite laidback and If you intend to dine at home, then you will want to spruce the place up. Use a broom, tidy all the things in the living room away, and make sure the table area is welcome. You can do most of this quickly.

2.Pick The Theme: If you’re having a romantic meal for two, then you might be feeling adventurous. You may want to try cooking recipes from a different culture – like a Thai, Chinese or Mexican meal – but remember this is fine eating at home so pick a cuisine you’re comfortable with.

3.Hire A Chef: The dining is for you as well so please go ahead and hire a chef so that you can enjoy yourself too. Share your theme with the chef and discuss wine pairings and timing for meals to be ready. You would however have to speak to a chef days before your dinner.

4.Think Drink: There’s no need to stress about the particular brands. The general rule is to keep white wine chilled and serve red wine at room temperature. This is one aspect of dining at home that can outshine restaurant dining, as you won’t be paying an exorbitant amount on drinks.

5.Set The Table: This is one of those times where you can pull out all your best china! If you have a table cloth, use it. Make sure your wine glasses and cutlery are polished and shining and don’t forget to light some candles for effect!

6.Presentation is Key: You may not need to plate your meals elaborately but details like candles, sweet smelling flowers; mood music, salt and pepper shakers and side plates make the entire experience beautiful.

7.Don’t forget your dessert!!!

Here’s the thing to remember, make sure you are enjoying yourself as well. You can check up fun topics to keep the conversation going and relax. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect!! 

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