What Your Hair Says About Your Personality?…

The hair wields its own measure of power as a focal point.  Believe it or not, your hair says a lot about you than you can ever imagine possible.

Black Pantha’s Danai Gurira

The hair plays an important role from health to aesthetics.
For the health, part of its function in mammals is insulating against the cold by conserving body heat.
Aesthetic-wise, it’s an important part of the appearance and sets the tone for an entire look.

There is this deep personal relationship between hair and self-esteem and that’s why some studies show that people with a good hairstyle feel smarter and more composed as opposed to those who are going through a bad hair day.

Ever wondered by “Becky-with-the-good-hair” gets all the attention and you don’t?
The style you choose just might be more linked to your personality than you’d think.
Well, let’s find out what does your kind of hair say about you?

For Women;

You natural kinky hair:
Women who keep their natural hair are seen as simple and reserved. They are considered as self-assured, confident of their identity and upholders of their heritage.

A black woman wearing a fro

The Braids:
Women who chose to wear braids are seen as the true lovers of the African culture. They are seen as focused, classy and confident.

Beautiful ladies wearing braids

The Bald and Beautiful Woman:
The bald woman is seen as bold, courageous and exceptionally adventurous. In a world where some women take their hair routine like the very hair they breathe, a woman who goes all clean upstairs is seen as one who doesn’t give a hoot.

From left; Rhonda Robeaux, Jotina Buck, Hahleemah Wright Ellison and Simone Dobbs pose for a portrait. The women, for varied personal reasons, have kept their heads shaved. Courtesy Houston Chronicle

The Mohawk:
Mohawk is stylish and nice-looking and women with such hairstyles are perceived as stern. They are seen as women who do not take no for an answer.

Rihana, Queen of Mohawk

Blonde Hair:
With the blonde hair, you are perceived as approachable and friendly. Blonde haired women are usually seen as those who can carry themselves amidst a crowd, and surely stand out.

A black woman modeling a blonde hair

Black Wavy Hair:
Black hair evokes the feminine vibe thus if you’re wearing one, you’re perceived to be more feminine and attractive.

Black Wavy Hair

Unconventional Hairstyle:
Do you like wearing bold and unusual colours up there? Well, people see you as full of surprises. Most times women with colourful hair are probably artists who love going out of the box. The unique haircut says that you’re fun to be with, creative personality and carefree.

purple hair colour on a black woman

Loose Beach Waves:
These waves say you embody confidence, a freedom lover with high energy. Women with waves are admired and attractive to the opposite sex.

Loose beach wave

For Men;

The Afro:
With the glorious ’fro, you celebrate the slightly wild side of your strands, and your personality is just as colourful. People would normally gravitate toward you as your hair would make you the centre of attraction. Your fro gives you a larger than life personality. So, rock your fro brother!

Afro hairstyle for men

The Bald:
Bald, bold and beautiful. There are two reasons men go the bald way. Either he is battling a receding hairline, or he’s just badass and is channelling Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson!
Shaving your head is one of the best ways to hide hair loss, instead of hiding your head from the crowd. It sure is one of the quickest ways to show your dynamic, daring side, even if you previously had a full head of hair.

Dwayne Johnson’s signature hairstyle, bald

The Slick Back:
A man with the slick back hair has a reputation for show-off. The slimy hair, thanks to the extra gloss of pomade product shows that you are high-maintenance while being accustomed to getting attention and getting what you want.

Slick hair

The Facial Hair:
Forget the hair on your head! ‘Beard gang’ really matters, right? From a fancy moustache, a tailored goatee, to a full beard, we can all see that your facial hair is your one true love.
Facial hair screams, “I’m a man, and I know it!” You’re confident in your manliness because you can grow so much facial hair that you can spend time styling every little hair into the perfect place.

A barber trimming a clients facial hair

The dread Locks:
These are the daring ones. The ones that grow locks damn all societal consequences and just let the hair grow in some kind of controlled wildness. One more thing, when you grow your locks you get attached to them.


Did we hit the nail or slap the pomade on the right side of the head when linking your favourite hairstyle with your personality?
Now that you know, how do you hope to portray yourself with your chosen hairstyle?

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