Trendy African headwraps for everywoman….

Headwraps are now versatile accessories and a great way to showcase or embrace the African culture, history and beauty.

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Many Millennials and GenZs saw their mothers use headwraps only when attending a church service, monthly meetings with fellow women from their state of origin or any other event that require them to put on traditional attire.

Years down the line, headwraps have become not just a thing of culture or religion but a fashion statement that women and girls can use anywhere and on any attire.

With the penetration of cultural awareness, women are beginning to infuse their history into fashion and headwraps are not left out. There are so many ways you can wrap it, to give you the look you want — be it hip, chic or casual.

What makes it all the more interesting is that you don’t have to go through the rigour of styling it yourself, there are ready-to-wear headwraps.

It doesn’t matter the length or volume of your hair. Head wraps can work regardless of the hairstyle one has. Here are some styles you can use in making some statements;

Style a headwrap with bangs:

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The main piece of advice to stand out is to showcase your bangs! Take any headwrap style and adjust it so that the front sits slightly higher on your forehead, showing your bangs. This gives you a youthful look that’s perfect for fun activities. You can add accessories like hair clips and pins that align with the colours and patterns of your headwrap, as this is a great way to switch things up.

Style a headwrap with braids or locs:

An Afro-centric hairstyle plus an Afro-centric accessory, and you’re sure to turn heads. Braids and Locs have bulk, which you can use to your advantage. The way you style them can add structure to the shape of the wrap.  Start by sculpting your hair into interesting updos or shapes, then wrap and secure your headwrap around it. Braids and Locs are beautiful and intricate why hide them?

Style a headwrap with natural hair:

Your natural hair is such a beautiful crown yet a headwrap can be a fun way to switch things up. Start by making sure your hair is moisturized. If your natural hair is longer, put it in a protective style like twists, braids, and cornrows because doing so keeps your hair healthy and also reduces the volume of your hair, making it easier to twist and secure the wrap on your head. 

Style a headwrap with short hair:

As with short natural hair, you won’t have to do a lot since most headwrap styles for short hair cover the entire head. But if you want to show off some hair (or scalp lolz) you don’t have to cover the whole crown. You can also incorporate styles that leave some of your hair exposed. You have the freedom to play around with the look you want.

Hair or not, you just want to make a statement with a headwrap;

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