Tips on finding a good Tailor the smart way….

Get everything adjusted to a custom fit.

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The fit will make or break any look. But for the person who is just starting to upgrade the wardrobe, and doesn’t have a reliable tailor on call already, it can be challenging to find one that will do you proud.

Finding a good tailor, you can compare it with build a long-lasting relationship which is an investment that keeps on giving.

So, how can you tell a good tailor from a terrible one?

Google them up & Social Media:

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Whether they have a website or not, most businesses are listed on Google. As long as that business’s information is out there somewhere, Google’s going to find it eventually. This will be your handiest way to find a location, contact information. Depending on where you live and the information that users have submitted in your area, there may well be some long-standing tailoring businesses that the search engine hasn’t located or identified yet. Take a look at the reviews. The secret is hidden there.

Phone Book:

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While phone books are becoming increasingly irrelevant, they can still be especially handy for locally-owned shops. Yes! Some people are still that traditional. Most phone books include tailors as a category in their business listings. You can also check under “alterations.” You can use phone book websites instead. Just check online and you’ll find it.

Personal Recommendations:

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Do you know someone who’s consistently well dressed? Ask that person what tailor (s)he goes to. If the person continually dresses sharp enough for you to notice, odds are there’s one.

One of the reliable people to ask for such recommendations are dry cleaners as most of them have a tailor that they partner with for repairs and referrals.

You can ask also the store where you bought that fine clothing for their recommendations. A few will have in-house tailors of their own, but most will send their customers to another local business they work with.

Find out about the following before you make your investment (with your material and money);

What are the Guarantees and Damage Policies?

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You can ask about these on the phone or in person. Although it might feel somewhat rude, it’s an important question. Depending on how sophisticated the tailor is, you want to see, in writing, what the place’s guarantees are for customer satisfaction and for damaged work. Accidents happen and at some point, you’ll need alterations on your clothes.

What is the Turnaround Time?

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Get an estimate on the time needed to get the outfit ready. The best tailors are in constant demand, so expect their schedules to actually be fuller.

Let’s say so far, you like everything you’ve seen enough to leave a job with the tailor, observe how reliable and accurate the timing estimate is. If you’re getting constant delays and pushbacks, that might be a sign to reduce your expectation or get another tailor.

What about the Price?

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We know good tailoring is worth paying more for, and bad tailoring is a waste of money entirely. But it is worth doing at least a bit of comparison when shopping. If a tailor is charging four or five times as much as the other options in the city, it’s worth asking yourself what he or she offers that justifies the price. That said, a tailor who satisfies both your clothing needs and your shopping expectations is a rare treasure. If you find one, don’t let the price stop you unless it’s truly outrageous.

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