The Beauty Of Aso-Oke….

Many a century has passed but the importance of Aso-Oke has not.

A beauty Aso-Oke sandal courtesy Ethik by Tunde

Aso-Oke is a short form of Aso Ilu Oke which means clothes from the up-country. It is the traditional fabric of the Yoruba culture (a South-Western tribe in Nigeria). There is a saying that goes in Nigeria; without Aso-Oke, the Yoruba occasion is incomplete. If you attend a Nigerian wedding in Lagos or any other part of the world, there is a strong possibility of seeing Aso-Oke on display.

To show the importance of this fabric, any Yoruba traditional king cannot be crowned without donning an Aso-Oke. A bride from a Yoruba culture looks forward to looking stunning in an Aso-Oke outfit.

In more cases, the beauty of Aso-Oke comes out more when it is taken as “Aso-Ebi“(a local term for uniform for friends, families or group).
Cloth weaving (Aso-Oke) started centuries ago amongst the Yoruba’s. The fibres used for weaving are either locally sourced or brought from neighbouring states like the north.

An Aso-Oke weaver

The Aso-Oke cloth is decorated with elaborate and different patterns and over the years has transformed from being just a fabric for occasions.
Here’s how people show the beauty of Aso-Oke;

Different designs of Aso-Oke

Wanna see the beauty of Aso Oke? Scroll down.

Aso-Oke for Occasions:

Nigerian women rocking Aso-Oke Aso-ebi(Uniform) at a festival
Nigerian women rocking Aso-Oke Aso-ebi(Uniform)

Aso-oke as head gear (women) and cap (for men):

A lady rocking an Aso-Oke gele (head-wrap for women)
An Aso-Oke prei-tied head gear
A man rocking an Aso-Oke fila (cap) on a casual wear
Side view of a man wearing an Aso-Oke fila (Cap)

Aso-Oke for footwears:

An Aso-Oke footwear for men courtesy Ethik by Tunde
An Aso-Oke designed footwear for women
An Aso-Oke designed men’s footwear

Aso-Oke for bags and purses:

An Aso-Oke laptop bag courtesy Ethik by Tunde
An Aso-Oke women’s purse

Aso-Oke for chair covers and window blinds:

An Aso-Oke decorated chair
Aso-Oke window blinds

Aso-Oke for trendy wears:

A lady rocking an Aso-Oke suit
Theresa May rocking an Aso-Oke jacket on her visit to Nigeria
A young man wearing a complete Aso-Oke top and bottom piece
A lady rocking an Aso-Oke frilled mini-skirt

The usefulness of the Aso-Oke fabric cannot be limited. You can stand out anytime, anywhere with the classy Aso-Oke.

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