Style Up Brother! Smart And Comfortable Outfit Ideas For Men….

Honey, I actually like you looking smart in a comfy way. – The Wife

The smart casual outfit for men is one of those styles that lets you truly creatively express yourself. While it does require downright sophistication, smart casual is nowhere near as formal as the business professional style.

You should thus carefully consider how to execute your smart casual outfit to make sure that your clothes help you communicate who you are and what you want to accomplish. Your smart and casual look can be comfortable and fluid to adapt to different locations.

Ready to discover how to show up smart casual with style? Here’s your guide.

Idea 1: Suit & Trainers.
This style is gaining momentum and ticks the smart casual box perfectly.
Wearing a suit with sneakers is a tricky combination to pull off as it essentially involves taking one of the smartest and most traditional pieces in menswear – the suit- and pairing it with footwear that is resolutely casual – the trainer.
The key to nailing the suit and trainers look is to keep it simple. Opt for an understated suit in, say, charcoal grey or dark navy colours. Hold off any bold patterns or colours. A set of white (alternatively, brown or even black) leather trainers create a sleek look.

A model showing how to rock in suit and trainers

Idea 2: Blazer & Jeans.
Matching a blazer with jeans, chinos, moleskins or fine cords is another mix of two polar opposite items, yet it’s an ideal choice for smart casual.
Start with a blazer that shouldn’t match your trousers – truth is, the outfit will look best when it doesn’t.
Go ahead to upgrade your outfit with a pocket square – it takes just seconds to tuck it into the front of your blazer.
Hey! Ensure both the top and the bottom items are fitted. That’s why it’s called smart, brother.

Models rocking the blazer and denim look

Idea 3: Roll Neck Jumper.
Polo neck, turtleneck, Roll-neck, or whatever you call it, is one of the best smart casual garments any man can have in his wardrobe and is gaining momentum.
Plain is best unless you’re pretty fashion forward and know how to handle prints.
For the footwear, the usual suspects are smart casual footwear – loafers, desert boots…
If you’re in a warm region only try this when the weather is to your advantage. We don’t want you antsy for no reason.

Models showing how to do the turtle neck look

Idea 4: Sweatshirt & Shirt.
A stylish shirt-and-jumper combo is a good choice if you are looking for an accessible and understated look.
While sweatshirts are pretty casual, good quality designs will lend some luxury to your look, raising the outfit into the smart casual territory.
From denim to moleskins or even smart flannel pants, Chinos presents a more astute choice, since the tailoring is similar to that of formal trousers (with a lighter and more comfortable touch).
Again just make sure the bottom piece is smart.

Matching a sweatshirt and shirt for a smart casual look

Idea 5: Grandfather Collar Shirt.
Grandfather collar shirts are such great alternatives if you feel that you’ve been playing it too safe with the traditional button-ups.
Grandfather collar shirts look best in plain colours – anything from white to grey, black and navy.
The bottom line is it must be slim fit.
Depending on the occasion, they can be matched with anything from tailored denim to smart flannels.
The footwear you wear is largely dependent on your choice of trousers, but it’s safer to go the loafers, brogues, desert boots or monk straps way.

A model wearing a grand-father collar shirt

So brother, when next do you want to try one of these?

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