Style Tips: 10 Awesome Ankara Dinner Gowns….

Every woman feels good when she gets compliments at events she attends all because the dress she wears carries her well.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or not so good looking you consider yourself to be as a woman, there ia a need to have some kind of fashion sense and coordination of outfits for different occassions. Just the way you don’t want to be seen wearing a dinner dress to the beach, you don’t want to be seen in pictures wearing a casual outfit to a proper dinner.

So, here’s Ibiene’s slay book using Ankara – the go to material for a feel-good African yet chic look.

Whether you’re plus size or size 0, you can slay in Ankara.

One-shoulder Ankara gown styles:

Open shoulders, undoubtedly, can be named one of the favorite trends in fashion. Such gowns were made under the influence of ancient Greece. The dresses with an overstated waist and a freely falling hemline are graceful and elegant.

Asymmetric Shoulder gown:

With this style designers release their creative ideas. The hemline is emphasized by the folds of the drapery or asymmetrical peplum can be added on the waist.

Evening dress with a corset:

Ankara gown with a corset is a great option if you want to emphasize and adjust your waistline. If the dress has a corset, it’s enough to pinch the views of anyone around. The corset highlights the waistline and accentuates the view on the hips.

Cape evening dress:

Isn’t this a brilliant dress with Egyptian history? With this, you will get heads to turn. This always look awesome on slim tall women.

Multi-layered dress:

This attracts attention especially with contrasts in the materials. However, keep in mind that such dresses are large enough, so plus size ladies should be careful when picking this style. They probably should go for a slimmer top to balance it out.

Mermaid dress:

Mermaid gown is also called “fish.” It’s one of the favorite options among Ankara long gown styles as it fits the body and brings out your curves. The skirt expands from the knee to the bottom. Perfect emphasizes on the figure, especially the hips.

Décor Cape dress:

Dare to stand-out with a beautiful Ankara evening gown with the décor especially when a contrasting colour is used.

Dress with Ruffles:

Dresses with ruffles and flounces give this special charm. Besides, the frills add volume to the necessary part of a figure, gently adjusting the total look.

Jump suit:

Attention grabbing right? You get the opportunity to enjoy a two piece at once? That’s the power of ankara.

Statement dress:

Are you bold and ready to take some space on the dance floor, then you’re free to set yourself apart with a statement dress like this.

What do you think of these 10 super gorgeous Ankara dinner dresses? Are they beautiful enough for you to add to your wardrobe? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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