For Women: Awesome Hairstyles from Africa….

A native hairstyle

A woman’s hair says a lot about her and most times is used to tell her personality.

Although men often complain about their wives spending hours at the salon, women have come to understand the need to look good yet stand out and as a result, ladies are getting pretty creative with their afro.

As the hair industry continues to rake in billions of dollars each year, there is reportedly a sustained increase in the affinity for traditional African hairstyles. These days, most people want to have some affinity with the colorful continent.

Since Ibiene is about enjoying even the little things of life, we have taken the time to make it easier for you to pick the perfect simple yet unique hairstyles that will get heads turning. Whether you are on a budget or have enough money to splurge, here are five hairstyles that you can do to look and feel great!

Two-stranded twist:

A Two-strand twist

This twisted hairstyle will succeed in covering the side areas of your face. Most times these twists are worn down instead of pinning them up. It is very durable and can last for a while, usually up to two weeks. After then, you can unravel your twists for the beautiful twist-out hairstyle.

Braided up bun:

Popstar Beyonce wearing a braided up bun

If you have long braids or twists and sometimes are tired of wearing them loose, then you should pull your hair into a bun from time to time, to put all the focus on the face instead of highlighting the hairstyle.

Box braids:

Beautiful box braids

The box braids are perfect for an oval-shaped face because they frame the face properly. Furthermore, and you can make so many more beautiful designs with it by twisting them in any direction you like. Some go a little extra by adding colours of their choice.

Bantu knots:

Pop star Rihanna rocking bantu knots

These are a cute, flirty style traditionally worn by African women. These knots work well with just about all hair types. They are not actually knots! Instead, they are small, coiled buns secured against the side of the head. Many celebrities have rocked this style.

Patewo (Yoruba interpretation for Clap your hands):

A beautiful Patewo hair style

This is one hairstyle that is popular amongst women living in western Nigeria. The hairstyle is woven in the shape of two hands clasped together. Rather than having hair weaved to the back, the shaft is entwined at the middle in order to take a firm shape.

Suku (pronounced shoo-koo):

Shuku hairstyle

Unlike cornrows which is weaved towards the rear of the head, suku is oftentimes woven with the wefts pointing to the sky. Depending on the dexterity of the stylist, it can be shaped in such a way that it does not look tattered or scattered.

Fulani Hairstyle:

A model rocking Fulani hairstyle

The Fulani hair style is an artistic and flamboyant hairdo adorned by women mainly from Northern Nigeria. The hair is long, part plaited and decorated with beads. Due to its durable nature, Fulani women favour this fashion as it complements their nomadic nature.

A good hairstyle is one of the most important elements to looking good and every woman definatley wants to look her best all the time. So go ahead and rock these hairstyles, repping Mama Africa! What unique hairstyles are worn by your people. Please share with us in the comment section.

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