For men: Colour rules for socks, belts and shoes….

Matching for women is usually lots of fun. For most men, it’s quite often a real pain. This is for that guy in desperate need of advice on matching.

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Gentlemen, it’s not that hard. In fact, it’s really quite simple as long as you remember a few basic rules. The best part is you won’t be arrested by the fashion police if you bend or break these rules when they don’t work for you.

Here are the basic rules on how to match your belt and shoes, as well as how and when to disregard those rules and still look great.

Match the Leather Colours:

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In general, the more contrast there is between your belt strap and your shoes, or even a briefcase or messenger bag, the less stylish you’re going to look.

If you’ve got a dark brown belt strap, the most logical choice for shoes would be dark brown ones. If your shoes have a distinct oxblood colour, then an oxblood belt strap is the way to go.

Nevertheless, don’t worry too much about a slight difference in the tones of both items. It’s not a big deal if, for example, your dress shoes are darker in the front than at the back. As long as they’re closely similar in colour, you got the job done.

Traditional ways to match your socks and pants:

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Remember, your socks and pants don’t have to exactly match. Instead, focus on combining colours that complement each other.

In menswear, one of the easiest colour groupings to coordinate is black, navy and grey. These three colours are classic, always appropriate and plentiful in most men’s wardrobes.

How to match earthy tones of socks, shoes and pants:

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Earthy tones including Khaki, Olive and Brown are other groups of colours that blend well together. While these colours may be more casual and seasonal, they can look sharp when properly coordinated.

What Colour of Socks with Brown Shoes?

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While business wear has historically centred around black dress shoes, particularly oxfords, brown dress shoes have recently exploded in popularity. But what colour socks should you wear with brown shoes?

As shown above, brown shoes can be worn with just about any colour of socks. The key to pulling this off is to tastefully blend your socks with your pants. After you have successfully done this, adding brown shoes becomes much easier.

Other rules are;

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Don’t pile on too much flash.

Everything in Moderation

Stay away from exact matches.

If you go bold, make sure your outfit is on point.

Ultimately, you have to be confident enough, whether you follow these matching tips or decide to ignore them every once in a while.

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