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If a bra gets a chance to rest between uses, its life is extended.

How long does a bra last? That depends on two factors – on the quality of the material and care. A bra of good quality is normally made to last longer than a cheaper one bought from just any store. Don’t get it twisted. No bra lasts forever. But it is expected that, a good bra should last about two years (well, many women wear them much longer than that). The good news is, you can easily extend the life of your bra by looking after it with a little extra love and care.

Alternate between several bras:

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One of the best tips for increasing the life of your bra is to have several bras. That way, you can alternate. There are no specifics to how many bras you can have. Your bra must have a chance to ‘rest’ between uses because the textile fibres need to recover, since bras contain elastane. Elastane is the material that holds the elastic fabric from losing its shape. If you use the same bra for more than one day at a time, it would wear out prematurely. Just a night’s rest is not enough; a couple of days is better. Note that when your bra has stretched and feels too big, it’s time to throw it away.

Store your bras correctly:

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Bras should preferably be stored on a flat surface, like in a lingerie drawer. If the cups are padded, place them so they lie on top of each other in the same direction – that way, the bras provide support for each other. Other advantages of storing your bras this way is that you can easily see which bras you have, and they won’t tangle. When next you visit a store, take a look at how exclusive bra shops often store bras.

How to wash your bra:

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So, the question is how often do you need to wash your bra? Well, you don’t need to wash your bra after every use, hoping you don’t sweat during the day. It’s enough to wash it after about two to three uses. Note that bras with silicon bands need to be washed more often because sweat can eat away and degrade the silicon. If there is washing advice on the bra label, follow it. General rule, never wash an underwired bra in a washing machine, not even if you use a wash bag. Avoid washing white bras together with colourful or black bras.

Washing materials and drying:

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As the rules are in washing clothes, use mild washing detergent for both white and coloured bras. You can go to the length of using special washing detergent for undergarments and avoid washing detergents that contain bleach or alcohol. If the bra is delicate use cold water as it will make the bra last longer. Washing bra in hot water can destroy its elasticity. Just let the bra soak in water, for a few hours to get rid of dead skin and dirt, rub it gently focusing on the inside of the cups and the side under the armpit where the bra is usually dirtiest. Empty the water and rinse the bra carefully under cold running water. Wash your bras separately, not with other harsh materials like jeans and the likes.

When it comes to drying, carefully squeeze the water out of the bra. Do not wring it. Fold a dry terry towel around the bra and press carefully so the towel absorbs the excess water from the wet garment. Avoid tumble dry as it destroys the elasticity. Let it dry naturally. If you’re not washing immediately, use a wash bag suitable for undergarments to protect the bra from other garments. When you hang up your bra to dry, do so at the middle part between the cups. Never store a damp bra in the wardrobe. Let it dry properly after a wash.

These are a few suggestions you can practice to get maximum use out of your bra.

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