Five Gorgeous African Head-Wrap Styles For Parties….

A woman’s Gele is as strong as the wind it can withstand.

Different styles of Gele

Gele (pronounced gay-lay) is a typical Nigerian female head wrap that is worn at special events like weddings or parties. The name originates from the Yoruba tribe in South West Nigeria. Also called Ichafu (headscarf) by the Igbo tribe in Eastern Nigeria, Gele has gradually spread to other tribes in the country and definitely around the world because it is a fashion attire that cannot be ignored when it is seen.

It takes some really creative skill to put together a beautiful Gele look that will get people repeatedly looking at you. Tying of the Gele is a booming business in Nigeria as women who do not know how to get the perfect look run to these professionals for help.

Courtesy CNN: A man running Gele tying business in Nigeria

Today, there are diverse and creative ways people use these head-wraps. Wanna know how to rock a Gele style without breaking the bank? You’re welcome to keep scrolling.

Pick a comfortable texture:
The first rule is this. When shopping, ensure texture of the Gele fabric you pick is not too hard and not too stiff. If you’re not expert enough at tying a perfect Gele head-scarf, pick the texture that you can be skilled enough to manipulate.

Pick the Gele fabric that compliments your dress:
Latest and Popular Gele fabrics that are easy to style for a perfect head-wrap include:
Aso-Oke Gele:

Courtesy Koko TV Nigeria: Onion style made with Aso-ebi Gele material

• Embroidered Gele:

Courtesy S’ALONGÉ: The turkey bum style done with an embroidered Gele

• Net-fabric Gele, also known as Singele:

Courtesy Pinterest: Freestyle done with Net-fabric

• French lace Gele:


• Sego/ Zego Gele (Scarfs):

Courtesy Nairaland: Zego Gele

• Damask Gele:

Courtesy Pinterest: A woman styling a damask Gele

• Hayes, Jubilee and Swiss Gele scarfs:

Courtesy: Owame The Swiss gele

• Auto-Gele (This means it is pre-styled before it is worn):

Courtesy; Different auto-gele styles

Don’t be perturbed if these styles look complex. With just a little tutorial on the basics of tying Gele, you’ll be able to later infuse your creativity. Let’s watch Nelo Okeke as she teaches Gele tying for beginners.

Courtesy Nelo Okeke via Youtube

With the knowledge of tying the Gele what style would you want to rock for that next party? Please share the pictures when you’re done. Someone could learn a thing or two from you.

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