Five essential suits for the corporate man….

Fashion trends come and go, yet there are certain staple items that every man’s wardrobe should have because they never go out of style and always look sharp. That’s a suit.

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When it comes to dressing professionally, it’s pretty easy to spend a fortune on unwanted clothes if you don’t know where to shop and what to look out for, and that’s especially for suits. While an abundance of shirts and ties can greatly increase your outfit options, the suit itself holds great importance, which is why picking the right ones is crucial.

Whether you’re shopping for your first suit, or your closet is full of them, there’s a few things to consider before purchasing one – the right shirts, tie, fitting and colour.

Since you might not have to have a walk-in closet of suits, for reasons best known to you, here is a guide to five essential suits every man should own;


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This is the equivalent of a woman’s ‘little black dress’. It may be more accurate to say it is actually the navy suit. When it comes to formal occasions nothing is as timeless, reliable, and, if matched properly, guaranteed to make you look good.

A simple, good quality, two-button navy suit can be dressed up for a wedding, kept formal for a job interview, or worn as part of your everyday work atire.


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There is a push to move the Dark double-breast suit from swagger attire to an essential.

A double-breasted suit in dark grey or midnight blue makes a subtle but powerful statement, distinguishing you from Mr. Average and showing a touch of panache.


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Chances are black tie invitations don’t come your way more than once or twice a year. But when they do, the whole point is to look and feel your absolute best by participating in a tradition that stretches back centuries.

That isn’t going to happen by hiring something ill-fitting that a thousand other men have worn before – or worse, being the guy who tries to get away wearing a dark suit and a literal black tie. This is why at some point the only sensible option is to invest in your own plain black dinner suit and get it adjusted so it fits you perfectly.


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The tan suit is perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their look. The lighter hue also keeps you comfortable and cool in the heat. You’ll definitely get a lot of use out of the tan suit, as it’s great for both formal and casual occasions.


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Dark grey is an important colour to own, especially if you’re limited to only a few suits. As with navy suits, you’ll be able to wear them a lot with the right shirt and tie combination.

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