Black Tie Event Tips For Men….

For some men, a black-tie event is always exciting, but can also present a challenge. After all, navigating the rules of black-tie attire and then executing them in style can be daunting for even the savviest dresser. Luckily, Ibiene can help you nail the perfect outfit for your next formal occasion.
Below is our guide to the black-tie dress code for men.

Checklist for Men
The Shoes:

When it comes to black tie outfits for men, it starts from the bottom-up. The shoes will make or break your outfit so choose carefully. Men’s shoes for a black tie event need to be the pivot on which the rest of the garments fall. Never go for an older pair that has probably seen too many regular days. The dressy portrait is best completed with glossy patent leather shoes, evoking a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

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Tie or Bow-tie:
Sometimes it is nice and refreshing to experiment with a bow-tie rather than your regular ties. However, make sure you get the tying done perfectly. The texture of the tie’s fabric is very important, as it affects how it plays with lighting. The wrong material might upset the balance of your entire outfit.

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The Shirt:
The collars and the buttons of the shirt you choose are very important. When choosing from the wide variety of men’s shirts, make sure that it is minimalistic and avoids too many details, as it is the canvas for your tie and jacket. An option is to opt for a plain white or black dress shirt.

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The Suit:
When choosing a waistcoat for a three-piece look, the safest option is the V-shape as it compliments your torso. Men’s jackets are the centrepiece and should be chosen, keeping your frame in mind, always look for the perfect fit at the shoulders and the arm length should be enough to give a peek of the shirt beneath. For a regular two-piece set up, your black jacket and matching trousers should complement your body type. If you have chosen a tuxedo top, the lapel style needs to augment the shirt collar and the choice of tie or bow-tie.

The Pants:
Your pants need to be chosen according to your body type, slim fits would work for leaner bodies and a complementing jacket. Straight fits are a good option too.

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The Cuff-Links:
Your cuff-links can be your signature, the knockout punch of a well-planned and perfectly executed formal outfit.

These tips will help you feel comfortable at the black-tie event and put you in a position to make the right impression on others.

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Black Tie Manners:
Your manners, or how you act, at these events will also help you make the right impression.
Keep in mind that these events are usually social events. So, you should be prepared with the usual type of social etiquette.
Be prepared to converse with people that you know and people that you do not know. If you are shy, one thing that will help you talk to others is to get the person to talk about themselves. Everyone’s favourite social topic is themselves. So, the more you can get them to talk about themselves, the better.

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Make sure that you introduce people the right way. The general etiquette on this is to introduce the man first followed by the woman. It is okay if you do not remember someone’s name probably because it is the first time that you have met. Politely ask them to remind you what their name was.

Your basic etiquette of table manners also apply. If you do not know which piece of silverware you should be using during dinner, the basic rule is to start with the outside silverware and work inside as the dinner progresses.

These black-tie etiquette tips on how you look and how you act will help you make the right impression on people you have never met before.

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