Be a “Do” at Work

The first rule about selling yourself lies in how you are perceived and whether you believe it or not, what you wear and how you wear it goes a long way in making or breaking an impression. By now, you probably know that ripped jeans and slippers won’t make anyone sit up and listen to you at the work place. But neither will playing it too safe! So what do you do to BE A DO?! Let’s show you how!

DO dress like someone in charge. Remember the basics don’t have to be boring. A dramatic white button down with a pair of tailored pants or high waist skirt feels daring but refined.

DO follow your company’s unofficial dress code…You want to look like you belong so take fashion cues from your more senior fashionable colleagues.

…but DO know that it’s okay to infuse a little personality.
DO fake a suit. Just pair a same coloured top and bottom for all of the style without all of the fuss.
When in doubt, DO go more conservative. If you’re scared that those pants are a bit too bright, then

leave it for the weekend.
DON’T forget, a neutral cardigan is your BFF (best fashion friend). It will protect you in the artic feeling AC and add a look if you want to layer properly.

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