A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Wearing Sneakers With Anything…….

It’s not about the shoes. It’s about what you do in them – Michael Jordan

Ladies on sneakers

Jordan is oh so right! If you don’t slay in your sneakers then you better get ready because this piece is a guide to how can rock your sneakers with any kind of clothing and still get heads turning round.

Sneakers on A Dress:
Keep your look simple, fun and flirty with that dress, right down to your rubber-soled toes.

Gabrielle Union wearing sneakers on a dress

Sneakers on three quarter pants:
Love showing off your ankle, take a rest from your weary heels and cool off with a pair of sneakers.

Grace Coddington rocking white sneakers on three quarter pants

Sneakers on a long skirt/dress:
Who says the traditional heels or flats are the only foot wears that go with a full skirt? Good question!

Tracy Ellis rocking sneakers on a long dress

Sneakers on a corporate outfit:
Yes! You can tone down the official look especially on a Friday. With a pantsuit and a pair of sparkling white sneakers, you’re good to go. Just ensure your jacket and pants are fitted.

A model wearing sneakers on a pantsuit

Sneakers on Maxi pleated skirt/Dress:
Not too many ladies like to rock pleated skirts or dresses. Well, that’s because they haven’t seen one who made them like it. Combining sneakers and pleated skirts is an expression of your confidence. After rocking this combination, watch out! You’ll see other women around you follow suit.

A model combining a sneakers and pleated skirt look

Sneakers on corporate skirt/Dress:
Weary of wearing heels. Switch to sneakers ? This is the way to go.

Olive Emodi rocking sneakers on corporate wear

Sneakers on BodyCon dress/Skirt:
Perfect combination! Smart yet beautiful. That’s all.

A lady rocking sneakers on bodicon

Sneakers on business casual:
A pair of fitted jeans and jacket and a pair of sneakers to go gives you this I’m-in-control-look.

Sneakers on traditional wears:
This has never gone wrong. It takes creativity to pull this look off and it turns out absolutely beautiful.

A model rocking sneakers on trad

Sneakers on Wedding Dress:
Yes! That’s what happens when you save the best for the last. If you have some pain in your legs and you’re wondering how you’ll look good on your D-day, worry less. Sneakers to the rescue! Guess what? Anyone can rock it.

A proud Ghanaian bride rocking sneakers on her D-day

Do not restrict yourself to this list. Go ahead and unleash the creativity in you. Let your sneakers be your best footwear at least the only side effect it comes with is a smart look.

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