10 Fabulous Ways To Tie A Scarf This Rainy Season

We’re no strangers to the tailored power of accessories. In the heart of the rainy season, Water-proof hats, handbags, and fun looking rain boots become our go-to pieces. Among these essential seasonal accessories are scarves—perhaps the most iconic of them all. If you think the only way to tie a scarf is by draping it around your neck, we are here to show you an arsenal of looks to try this season.

In need of some fresh ideas on how to wear this style staple? Check out how some of the most stylish women are wearing them right now. From cool ways to tie them around your neck to unexpected placement, there is no shortage of inspiration for wearing this essential accessory.

Elizabeth Griffin
  1. The French Knot: I discovered this French twist and still love it! Just fold the scarf in half put it around your shoulders. Take one loose end piece and pull it over and under the scarf loop. Take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop
  2. Knotted Necklace: Wrap the scarf behind your neck. Take one end and wrap it around your hand. Pull it through to make a loose knot. Take the other scarf end and pull it through the side knot, going under the knot loop and then over.
  3. The Necklace: Fold a long scarf if half lengthwise. Grab the diagonal ends and knot them together. Put it over your neck, then twist it and loop again
  4. Double Sided Twist: Put two of your favorite scarves back to back. Loop once around your neck and turn the fabric so that you see both sides.
  5. Scarf Wrap: The easiest way to wear a scarf! Just wrap it around your shoulders.
  6. The Wrist Wrap: Fold your scarf diagonally at your desired width, wrap twice around your wrist and secure in a knot.
  7. The Cold Shoulder: Roll your scarf diagonally, wrap once around your neck with the ends facing back, loop and tie loosely on one side.
  8. The Cowgirl: Fold your scarf into a triangle, wrap once around the neck and tie in front.
  9. The Bowtie: Roll your scarf diagonally, and tie into a bow.
  10. The Borrowed-From-The-Boys: Start with a diagonally rolled scarf, each end should be equal length when draped in front. Take the right side and wrap over the left side, then under, and over again. Pull the right side up towards your chin, then tuck under the fold.


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