Italian Luxury Culinary Tours And Personalized Signature Winery Tour Launched

Italian luxury tour operator Luxo Italia announced the launch of its high-quality tailor made tours of the country with personalized itineraries. The tours include signature tours, culinary tours, premium Italian winery tours, and private tours of museums with premium value-added services including a travel app.

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An authentic experience of Italy incorporates a well-planned itinerary that is personalized to include a balance of all the elements that make for a truly luxurious holiday Luxo Italia specializes in the planning and organization of travel, stay, and high-class concierge services. As a fully bonded tour operator, the agency provides airport-to-airport services including VIP airport transfers, restaurant and hotel reservations, private visits to attractions, and gourmet meals as part of its luxury holidays to Italy.

Luxo Italia is founded on the principle of delivering high-quality services and customer delight through core services and outstanding value-adds. Surprise room upgrades, additional meals, early check-in, late check-out, and even dinner reservations at some of Italy’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants are part of the firm’s signature tours. Highlights of Luxo Italia tours include private yacht cruises, after-hours tours of the Vatican, early private tours of Uffizi Gallery and other sights in Rome and around the country.

Other premium Luxo Itaia services include personal shopping guides who guide customers to the most opulent boutiques and designer outlets. The company specializes in premium Italian winery tours and its traditional wineries with exclusive meetings with vinters and owners.

According to a spokesperson for Luxo Italia, “Our goal is to revolutionize a customer’s travel experience in Italy by offering a degree of authenticity and richness that is unmatched. We work with local services and local people to show travelers a refreshing side of Italy that is far removed from preconceived ideas and cookie-cutter tours.”

Milan-headquartered Luxo Italia is the brainchild of Andrea Degasperi and Paul Lewis. The agency provides recommendations for some of the most desirable villas in Italy based on its inspections of the properties. Luxo Italia tours include the classic sights of Italy, visits to natural wonders, Italian luxury culinary tours, and special tours relying on local knowledge to unearth the country’s hidden spots.

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