Have Yourself A Happy Easter Too….

From flushed faced kids running to pick the painted eggs, to love birds wishing the clock never ticks, to the parent ensuring that a table is set for all to enjoy a celebratory day. Easter can be so much fun without long distance travel. So, here’s how you can have a pocket friendly yet memorable Easter.

Easter is just a few days away!
While some people may decide to use this time to attend church processions, others basically see it as a day or two away from work. This period begins on with a Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday.

So how can a family enjoy special time together this holiday beyond fast-food outings and the traditional egg hunting?

People living in coastal cities like Lagos, will find out that this remains a budget-friendly option. With entrance fee as low as N1,000, (about three dollars) per head, the short holiday can easily become a memorable outing with fresh air from the sea making every second a fun-filled time. A picnic basket filled with goodies, blanket for the family to sit on, a stereo set for some music and a heart prepared to have fun is all that is needed. That’s pretty less expensive right?

Fun seekers at the beach

During the Easter season, events like comedy shows, plays and music concerts are announced on social and traditional media. These events are bound to take you to the height of laughter and entertainment with a lot of rib-cracking comedy from famous comedians, to talented stage actors and sonorous music artistes. Grabbing tickets for you and that special one should be way more memorable than sitting around the house with no idea of how to spend your holiday well. Who says you need a VVVIP ticket to laugh or sing your worries away?

Attendees of a music concert in Lagos

Go prove your ability to do above 120Kmph. If you are seeking something exciting this Easter go-karting is really fun that would linger in your memory. Go with friends and have fun riding those toy cars. After all, relieving childhood memories is never a crime.

A go-karting team

Sometimes, we like to think that we can sing better than Beyonce or Usher. Invite friends over, attend or organize a Karaoke session and watch you all sing your hearts out and prove you know the lyrics better. Karaoke never goes wrong with something to chew and drink.

Some girls doing the Karaoke

You don’t have to invite friends and family to your house only when you are having a baby dedication or house warming. Easter provides another opportunity for you to throw the doors wide open and let people come have fun and network in hour house. You can make available a simple menu; cocktail, finger foods, grilled chicken/beef or you can go all out and prepare something lavish. You will never forget the cacophony of laughter and merriment for a long time.

Friends having a house party

There is nothing as refreshing and peaceful as walking through the garden with the cool breeze all over your face. Some parks offer opportunity to see wildlife. Those monkeys will love to eat some bananas off your hands. Pure bliss right?

A nature park in Lagos

For some of us who still prefer to be indoors, you can also have a memorable Easter.

For anyone, irrespective of belief or religion, Easter can be a time for you to reflect on your relationship with your maker. Do a personal, couple or family retreat. Strengthen your spiritual life in the days ahead. You can also use that reflective period to plan for the new quarter. The best person you can spend time with is yourself.

A young woman meditating

Why wait to give or exchange gifts only on Christmas. Since Easter is mainly about celebrating a prophet who sacrificed his life to save mankind, following in his footsteps is only commendable. You can give back to school hampers to less privileged kids, donate to orphanages, pay a visit to the prison and donate items to make life less painful for them. You can put a smile on someone’s face this Easter.

A happy child with a gift

Whatever appeals to your personality, it is in your hands to make this Easter one that makes you smile whenever you remember.

Happy Easter celebration!

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