The World’s Most Amazing body art works….

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As contemporary artists push themselves to explore deeper levels of creativity, it’s not unusual to find interesting art mediums beyond the standard canvas. This time around, we take a peek into how these geniuses get creative with the human body.


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Bodypaint artist Trina Merry is a master of blending her models into their surroundings. After studying with Robert Wilson and Marina Abramovic at the Watermill Center, she took those lessons and applied them to her body art installations. Now, whether camouflaging models around the world or creating living sculptures, she is known as one of the top bodypainting artists in the field.


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Artist Natalie Fletcher studied traditional painting but soon turned to body art to satisfy her creativity.


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Italian artist Guido Daniele proves that you don’t need to make use of the entire body to make a statement. His incredible series of animals painted on hands is a reminder that a keen eye paired with great skill can turn out unexpectedly impactful work. Called “handimals,” the series is inspired by his love of nature.


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Venezuelan performance artist Cecilia Paredes is known for her photographic performances in which her body is concealed against different textures and patterns. Using her own body to perform a type of animal mimicry, it’s ironic that her last name, Paredes, is Spanish for the word wall.


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Influenced by nature, body painter Johannes Stötter has an unparalleled ability to transform one or more bodies into a variety of animals. Based in Italy, Stötter has won numerous awards for fine art body painting, based on his incredible technical skill and fantasy. At times, his illusions are so precise that it’s only through moving video that one can decipher the models painted to perfection.


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Considering herself a conceptual body artist, Emma Fay‘s work is about challenging visual perceptions. The British artist uses the human body to express a variety of social concepts. With her series Ridiculous, symbols are painted on different body parts to highlight our modern obsession with unrealistic and unattainable perfection. From a “trout pout” painted on a stark white face to a bread basket painted on a “muffin top,” her work cleverly, and cuttingly, reminds us how modern turnsof phrase can have detrimental effects on our psyche.

If you didn’t know these are a work of body art, it would be easy enough to be fooled into thinking that they are actually paintings on canvases.

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