Memes That Rocked 2019….

While the Internet can be filled with bad news at times, yet it also gives users a reason to laugh out loud. Thankfully, 2019 is no exception. It’s been a big year for memes and we’ve rounded up the best of the crop because if any image can give an accurate portrait of issues in the news, it’s probably the memes users produce.

Here are a compilation of memes that rocked 2019;


This meme is basically about what was promised you and how you felt when you had it delivered.

Kermit sipping tea:

This speaks of people’s attitude to issues they don’t want to have a say in, especially when they don’t have the power to change a thing.


This meme portrays excitement especially when you finally get a good news like a dream job, approved contract or even announcement of a holiday!

Friday vs Monday:

This meme is a perfect way of showing how some people feel when it’s Monday. We all want the weekend to last, don’t we?

Chill out:

This is a ‘calm down’ meme, a ‘chill out’ meme.

Receive Sense:

This is arguably the most used meme of the year. The picture and attitude alone tells the whole story.

What I ordered vs what I got:

The internet had loads of people’s experiences through the “what I ordered vs what I got” meme.

African mother:

Lolz! All hail our African mothers.

Problem free life:

No one likes problems.

What meme was the best for you in 2019? Please share with us in the comment section.

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