Here is why you should play Chess….

Why is chess considered “a game of kings”? It takes some good thinking and strategy skills to play and win.

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In chess, just like in life, you can either wander around aimlessly, hoping for a miracle or set yourself a goal, build a plan and strive to accomplish it. With the latter, there is no guarantee of success, but the former is a sure recipe for failure. Chess teaches you to have a goal and overcome the obstacles on your way there.

So, why should you play chess?

  • Learning to play Chess dramatically improves the ability to think rationally. 
  • Play Chess to learn and develop patience and thoughtfulness. 
  • Playing Chess helps you to learn and increase cognitive skills. 
  • Playing Chess helps you to learn and improves communication skills and aptitude in recognizing patterns. 
  • Learning to play Chess results in higher grades, especially in English and Math studies.
  • Learning to play Chess makes people more focused by teaching the benefits of careful observation and concentration.
  • Learning Chess stimulates visualizing – players are prompted to imagine a sequence of actions before they happen.
  • Chess helps you to learn and build a sense of team spirit while emphasizing the ability of the individual.
  • Chess helps you to learn the value of hard workconcentration, and commitment.
  • Chess makes a person learn and realize the responsibility for their own actions and acceptance of the consequences.
  • Playing Chess helps in making friends more easily because it provides a safe forum for gathering and discussion.
  • Chess helps to learn and develop the thinking ahead abilities – players have to think first and only then act.

Asides from psycho-social and emotional values, playing chess comes with health benefits;

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  • Playing chess increases the growth of dendrites which are responsible for conducting signals from your brain’s neuron cells to neurons to which they are attached. 
  • Playing chesshelps prevents Alzheimer’s and provides the brain with the workout it needs to function properly and reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Playing chess assists with the treatment of Schizophrenia.
  • Playing chess helps with better recovery from disabilities and strokes.
  • Playing chess improves concentration and thinking skills of children.

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