10 Awesome Christmas Activities For Kids….

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The holidays are here and you probably must have planned out your big family Christmas party. But while you’re busy cooking up the perfect Christmas dinner, smiling at the decoration and nodding your head to beautiful Christmas tunes, you hear a crashing sound in the sitting room that stops you dead in your tracks. You dump whatever is in your hands and run to the sitting room only to find the Christmas tree you all worked so hard to erect is down – and your chubby cheeks four year old is the culprit. You know how that feels right?

Some homes make the mistake of not putting the kids into consideration. Well, it doesn’t have to happen again. You should plan to keep the little ones pre-occupied. You don’t want the party ruined. Do you?

There are plenty of fun Christmas games for kids that’ll keep them busy for hours which may just turn into family Christmas games as everyone will join in the fun.

Christmas Mad Libs:

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Mad Libs always ends in laughter. This is just a perfect game Christmas version is no different as your kids and even family gets the opportunity to write their own stories in their words and then read them out loud.

Minute to Win It: Cup Stacking:

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This may seem impossible to do, but it actually is doable! It’s all about speed, since you only have a few minutes, disposable cups, a stand and people willing to play.

Christmas Character Guess Who?

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In this game, each person gets a minute to ask rapid-fire “yes” or “no” questions to figure out which Christmas icon they are.

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss:

This game is super simple and fun. It’s about who can hook the most inflatable rings on the antlers in a minute. Everybody can play.

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Paint a Character Game:

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In this game, everyone can paint a famous and loved character of his/her choice and tell a story about that character. This will reveal the artist in everyone.

Christmas Tree Bowling Game:

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No! No! No! We’re not about to pull down your Christmas tree. All you need do is recycle your soda or PET bottles? Just decorate them with a star and foam shapes to create mini Christmas trees and use a ball rubber or leather.

Christmas Trivia for Kids:

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This printable sheet with an array of some easy and some challenging questions that allows every member of the family to participate.  You can get several online and on different topics.

Santa Photo Booth Accessories:

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These little ones love fun picture time. Set up a photo booth area and stock it with fun and festive background that can be used for photos. Well, you could use this opportunity to take your family photo for your Christmas card.

Jingle Bell Toss:

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Who says you can’t turn an adult game into kid-friendly Christmas fun. Your little ones will giggle with excitementall day.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph Game:

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This birthday party classic usually gets a Christmas makeover for Rudolph with his body parts placed in places no one ever imagines. That’s because it’s done with the eyes closed/blindfolded.

Let this be the best holidays yet for you and your family. What other Christmas games have we missed? Please share with us in the comment section.

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