What does Easter mean to you?….

Easter! A time for colourful eggs, family gatherings, and maybe a sneaky peek for hidden chocolate bunnies. But beyond the delicious treats and vibrant decorations, Easter holds a deeper meaning for many. It’s a celebration that transcends cultures and traditions, bringing a powerful message of hope and renewal.

We’re curious! What does Easter truly mean to you? Is it a chance to reconnect with loved ones over a special meal? Does it spark memories of childhood egg hunts and springtime joy? Or perhaps it’s a time for quiet reflection and spiritual connection.

Some of our dear IBIENE community members shared your thoughts with us!

We hope this creates a crack, open your heart and let the light in.

Easter is a time when hope is revisited and self-introspection is engaged to give meaning to my life’s struggles, and resolve the internal conflicts that weigh me down so that I can, if for a brief moment, reconcile myself to the chance to start all over again, with my gaze firmly on the promise and a renewal of my faith in God.

Olufemi  Awoyemi Mni, Founder and Chairman of Proshare Limited.

Easter for me is a time of really embracing the wonders of God.  It is beyond. The parties or the easter egg hunt.  It’s about Christ Jesus.

Dupe Asekun

Easter to me  is like a smaller  BUT very unique ‘Christmas ‘ party for Jesus  Christ, my Lord and Saviour.  Every Easter period reminds me of  the resurrection of Jesus and God’s grace in my life!

Julie Nwachukwu -Ajabor

Easter for me embodies the meaning of the word sacrifice…
For love,
For family,
For friends.
For GOD so loved the world that he gave (sacrificed) HIS only son JESUS to save mankind…
And JESUS Himself was willing to make that sacrifice…

Bikepre A. Daniel-Kalio

The journey through Easter (lent)is a time of sober reflection. A period when Christians ask for mercy from the Almighty God. It comes with fasting for Forty days and Forty nights. As Jesus Christ set the standard for us in the wilderness. It was a very challenging time that led to Jesus’ Crucifixion followed by His resurrection on Easter Sunday. 
On this premise, Easter personally means , re-living, Being set free from bondages, shackles. It means new life ,new beginning, new hope and finally “Victory”. Hence we sing;
“The strife is o’er, the battle done, Now is  the victor’s triumph won! Oh let the song of praise be sung. Alleluia! Easter, song of Victory- Alleluia.

Ezii Anaba

Easter to me is very personal, because it’s the main foundation of our Christian faith. It entails the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the reason why we can boldly stand in the presence of God and be guiltless.
So, for me Easter is everything that also describes the love God has for us all, for the Bible says “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON”.

– Patrick Okechukwu aka Mr Noble

Let  me start with the WORDS  of a popular Church song. HE DIED AND HE ROSE AND GAVE US VICTORY, WE ARE VICTORIOUS.” For me Easter stands for victory. No matter the unpleasant situation in my life, and indeed I had faced and I am still  facing many, but I am not shaken, for sure I will have victory.
I am encouraged always by John 11 about a dead man Lazarus, who was raised from the dead. No matter how hopeless a situation maybe even as Jesus hung up there, it was a  hopeless situation but it  was later to be a massive victory.
Friday may have happened  to us but Sunday morning  brings victory over the worst situation which is death. Easter is a reminder to me that any bad situation in my life has a seed of good tiding hidden within it and will always have an end of PRAISE. Roman 8:28.

Dr Obi Onwukapa JP – Chairman , GOODGATE Group

Easter brings together a bunch of things I love. Sure, a break is always welcome – who doesn’t love a holiday? But it’s also a chance for my sister, who fancies herself a cordon bleu chef of sorts, to work her magic in the kitchen. And let’s be honest, that’s a great excuse for another visit (even if I just saw them literally the day before). But the real highlight is spending time with the whole crew – family, in-laws, the ‘spawn’ and ‘niblings’ – and truly appreciating the gift of family and life itself.


Traditionally, during the Easter period, my attention in terms of reading the Bible is shifted to Jesus’ suffering, trials, crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension to glory. This is to again acquaint and remind myself of what His coming to the earth means to me and the impacts His sacrificial death has had on my experience of life since I believed. Without the shedding of His Blood, there wouldn’t have remission for my sins. Without the remission of my sins, I would not have access to the Throne of His Grace. Therefore, all that the Lord Jesus Christ did this season over two thousand years ago made the liberty that I enjoy today possible. The liberty from sin, freedom from the oppression of the devil which had previously tormented me, freedom to enjoy His authority to walk on serpents and scorpions, access to His voice guidance, and direction, and the enjoyment of His peace which cannot be found elsewhere.
This is my personal heritage, which Easter symbolizes.  –

Nathaniel Akhigbe, journalist & media leader.

As recorded in the scriptures, Mary Magdalene went with two other women to the tomb on Easter morning to anoint the body of Jesus, only to discover He had risen and was no longer in the tomb! They were to announce the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And that is, as they say, the reason for the season, reason for Easter!
Growing up, my mother and other women would leave home very early on Easter morning on a symbolic visit to the tomb and will shortly afterwards, commence a procession with joyful, celebratory songs, announcing the resurrection! As children we would wait with excitement as the procession of women approached our home and we would join in the singing – Christ is Risen, Hosanna, He is Risen Indeed!
Even as children, the significance of this event was not lost on us, and it  remains perhaps the most significant event in Christianity! If Christ did not suffer death on the cross; if Christ did not  rise from the dead, our faith would have been hollow.  

Obinna Anaba

Easter celebrates the defeat of death and the hope of my salvation

Hadassah Akinsete

I would love to share my childhood experience on Easter celebration.
When I was little I look forward to Easter period because of the Galilee service held in my local church then, this a time people bring different delicacy meant to be eaten in a communal way 
You get to eat from different family at the service and it is always fun. I miss this a lot!

Adebimpe Adeniyi

Easter is Jesus Christ’s triumph over death. The celebration of Easter keeps me reminded of the value God places on humanity and the joy of eternal life as a believer in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Fred U. Frank

For me Easter is a celebration of the victory of Jesus Christ over death. All who believe in Him will receive eternal life as a result of His resurrection. Easter serves as a celebration of the complete validation of all that Jesus proclaimed and taught during His three-year career.

Goodluck Ebie

By sharing our diverse experiences, we create a richer understanding of this cherished holiday. Let’s celebrate the spirit of Easter together, and may your basket overflow with joy, love, and the warmth of connection!

Do you want to share what Easter means to you? The comment section below is open for you.

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