Rare art of hair that speaks louder and the powerfulness of motherhood…

Rare art refers to any artwork that is scarce or uncommon in terms of its availability or distribution. This could be due to a number of factors, such as the limited number of works created by the artist, the age of the artwork, or the high demand and low supply of the artwork.

Rare art can come in many forms, including paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, and more. Some examples of rare art include works by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso, as well as works by lesser-known or emerging artists that have not yet gained widespread recognition.

The value of rare art can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the artist, the medium, the condition of the artwork, and the provenance or history of the piece. Collectors and investors often seek out rare art as a way to diversify their portfolios and potentially generate significant returns over time.

Introducing a creator of unique art; Laetitia Ky:

Laetitia Ky is a hair sculptor and artist from Ivory Coast (West Africa). She gained international attention for her unique and creative approach to hairstyling, which involves using her hair as a medium to create intricate and expressive sculptures.

Laetitia Ky uses her hair to create a variety of shapes and forms, including animals, plants, and human figures. She often incorporates elements of nature and social issues into her sculptures, using her art as a platform for activism and self-expression.

Laetitia Ky’s work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions around the world, and she has gained a large following on social media, where she shares her creations and artistic process, especially of womanhood, motherhood and gender abuse. Some of these pieces evoke raw emotions when viewed for the first time but come with deeper messages.

Laetitia continues to push the boundaries of art, inspiring others to embrace their creativity, their unique perspectives and the joys of motherhood.

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  1. Very interesting. Trust Ibiene to bring forth the most interesting stories of the most interesting people from Africa. Well done to her. And to you.

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