Preparing for the last quarter of the year….

Whether you realise it or not, 2022 is about to come to an end.  The earlier you begin to put priorities in place to reach your goals, the better.

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As the end of the year approaches, if you’ve hit your target, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If not, the realisation of not seeing it coming can still hit us like a bang and that sigh can quickly turn into a groan.

Want to end this year strong to prepare for whatever is coming in 2023. Here’s a guide;

Take Time Out:

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A filmmaker, Robert H. Conelly once said “Take time to recharge your batteries. It’s hard to see where you’re going when your lights are dim.” 

If you find yourself mentally drained and in need of reflection, make yourself a deal that for the first few days of Q4 you would take some time off your regular schedule; take tea breaks or get fresh air, and plan your evenings around things that make you happy whether it’s going out for dinner or to the movies.

Be Positive:

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Quality performance starts with a positive attitude. 

There are so many possibilities that lie ahead for the coming quarter and it all starts with positivity and a sprinkle of enthusiasm. Even if you’re lagging behind for the year it’s paramount that you don’t let any negativity cloud your vision because that can spell disaster and then you might as well go home. Stay positive and upbeat!

Prioritize your goals:

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Using the past quarter as a guide, you can start planning the upcoming one by determining which goals will take priority on the list. This can be done as an individual, companywide or executive-team exercise — whichever fits the goal in question.

Start by making a list of everything you would love to achieve. Then, go through the list and organize these objectives as first, second or third and so on based on priorities. Next thing is to assign each priority to specific weeks, days and actions it would take to achieve it. This move will help you focus and be responsible for accomplishing that task or objective by the end of the next quarter.

Measure, measure, repeat:

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Hold weekly meetings with your notepad/calendar to review the progress of your priorities. If you can, make a visual chart that shows the completion percentage. This way, you will understand the progress that has been made toward those goals; and early warning signs and red flags will be evident while there is still time to fix them.

Use the chart or excel sheet, word document (whatever works for you) in connection to your priorities and your larger goals, to remind yourself what they’re working toward.

You have about 12 weeks left – so what can you do in that amount of time? Make a list of micro goals for each week. You can put 1 to 2 in each week. Those can be small steps to help get you closer to a bigger goal. Or they can be little goals that you’ve meant to achieve for a while. 

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