Mother’s Day: Mums Deserve Better….

Mother’s Day

This year’s Mother’s Day will be like no other, as scores of people self-isolate and are forced to rethink plans even with loved ones. With the usual lunches and afternoon drinks cancelled, what can we all do to celebrate our darling mothers whether biological or not?

To help us out, Ibiene took a trip around the world on the internet to bring some creative ideas people have used to celebrate those awesome women that have been placed in their lives.

Sing through the widow:

For men with guitars

Affi lives just three doors down from her 74-year-old mother,  in north London and like millions of others, she and her siblings won’t be able to have the family lunch they planned for the weekend.

Rather than sit and feel bad, her and her three siblings congregated on the pavement outside their mum’s house and sang a beautiful mama’s song. They also released some balloons. The joy from their mother’s face as she looked through the window was priceless. 

Doorstep drop-off:

Door step delivery

Mitchelle is a 76 year old woman who has four grown up children and six grandchildren. Except for this year, she brings all of them together and prepares a traditional dish of green herby rice and fish. This wasn’t going to be possible as she is elderly and doesn’t want exposure. So here’s what they did. 

She prepared the meal, packaged it for each of her children. One of them drove down, picked them up and dropped it with the rest, since they don’t live in the same town. Guess what? Mitchell too didn’t have an empty door step – various domestic supplies she needs to keep her in the house was bought by all her children with awesome love notes and dropped on her doorstep as well. They later had a virtual meal together via facetime.

Self-isolation pack:

Mum’s self-isolation pack from her son

Like Rob who is in the United States you can get your mum a beautiful self-isolation pack with some items that she really misses because of the restriction on movement.

Seeds in a pot:

A beautiful pot dedicated to mum

Janet is a nurse which means she can never make an attempt to be with her mother since she was exposed to different kinds of people during this time. So she sent her mum a pot with seeds in it so she can  grow her own vegetable kit. This will help her mum keep busy and nurture something while her daughter is out of reach.

Planting seeds and waiting for vegetables to grow or flowers to bloom can be a hopeful reminder of better seasons to come.

Teach her to use technology:

A skype conversation between mum and daughter

This is the best time to teach our elderly mums to use technology. Get her a smartphone as a gift, teach her to download apps like Skype, Zoom or even WhatsApp so she can still get the joy of seeing all her children. Many people know that many mums are worried about the safety of their kids no matter how grown they all are. Connecting her with the rest of the family via enabled technology at this point in time will, be the best Mother’s Day gift that you can give to her.

There are endless creative ways you can take advantage of to celebrate you mum on this special day. Don’t let coronavirus stop you from showing love you your mum. So go ahead and put a smile on her face. It is never too late. 

How else did you celebrate your mother on her special day? Please share with us in the comments section.

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