International Day of Happiness….

Did you know there’s a day to celebrate happiness? It’s true! Every March 20th, the world marks International Day of Happiness.

The United Nations started this awesome day to remind everyone that happiness matters – and we can all do things to feel more joyful.

So why March 20th? The date coincides with the spring equinox in many parts of the world, a time of balance and new beginnings. It’s a fitting metaphor for the spirit of International Day of Happiness – a chance to hit refresh on our well-being and cultivate a more joyful life.

This special day isn’t just about cheesy grins. It’s about reminding ourselves that feeling good is important, and we can all do things to boost our happiness. Think of it like a spring cleaning for your mood!

How can you join the fun? It’s easy! Here are some ideas:

  • Do something kind for someone else. A small gesture can make a big difference!
  • Call a friend or family member you love. Chatting with loved ones is a happiness booster.
  • Do something that makes you smile. Maybe it’s reading, dancing, or baking cookies!

International Day of Happiness also coincides with the release of the World Happiness Report, which offers insights on what fosters happiness in different countries.  This year’s theme focuses on happiness across all ages, from young to old. Quickly check out the report to find out where your country ranks on the happiness index and share with us in the comment section.

Remember, happiness is a choice we make every day. By focusing on gratitude, positive connections, and acts of kindness, we can all contribute to a happier world, one smile at a time.

Cheers to a happier you!

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