Inside the mind of a Creator….

Finding someone who is analytical, performs administrative and creative functions and still engages in sporting activities is not easy to come by. The world would describe such a person as exceptional.

That is who IBIENE features in this month’s edition, Obinna Chjioke Anaba, one of Nigeria’s corporate giants whose career in the 9-5 world spanned over 30 years yet enjoyed the joys of being a composer and an athlete with a global accomplishment under his belt.

Image ref: Obinna Anaba

This lively chat with Obinna comes with a caveat; first, you’ll be hooked, second, you don’t want him to be a guest DJ at your party – you won’t want him to leave.

There’s so much to learn from his life, journey and interests. He drops some thought leadership nuggets along the way.

Click on the video below for more;

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