Inside the Mind of a Creator: The best of 2022….

Learning from people around us can never be overestimated. When we’re open to learning from others, we benefit from their experience as well as our own and we can inherit their wisdom and knowledge.

IBIENE, over the past years, has provided opportunities for members of the community to learn from people who have and are still doing awesome to tell their stories, in their own way.

This is a curation of the awesome conversations with some of the brightest minds in 2022.

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The year began with someone who is one of the rare breeds – quite analytical, who performs administrative and creative functions and still engages in sporting activities.

He is Mr. Obinna Chjioke Anaba, one of Nigeria’s corporate giants whose career in the 9-5 world spanned over 30 years yet enjoyed the joys of being a composer and an athlete with a global accomplishment under his belt. This lively chat with Obinna comes with a caveat; first, you’ll be hooked, second, you don’t want him to be a guest DJ at your party – you won’t want him to leave.

Watch the full conversation here;

Next is our conversation with Mrs. Adeola Rukayat Idonije-Badmus, founder/creative director at Shayfaari Fabrics and Interiors. Adeola exited the banking industry to go into full-time indigenous textile artistry.

Image ref: Adeola Rukayat Idonije-Badmus

Why would she make this move? Find out right here.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. This is a quote by Jim Rohn that opened our conversation with the creator of the Month for June, Miss Daisy Adele.

Worthy of note is, with a background in Knowledge and Information Technology Management, Startupreneur, wine, and travel enthusiast, Daisy is big in the business of personal grooming. She dropped tips on personal grooming for ladies and some for guys. Her tips might be a life changer. Here’s more on the conversation.

Image ref: Daisy Adele

IBIENE’s next bright star is Mrs. Uloma Ezirim, a Nigerian woman passionate about all things Nigerian and which led to the creation of her fashion business “Marijays”.

Uloma, while letting us understand the reason behind her brand confessed that as a teen, she noticed that she was more drawn to African Wax. She enjoyed the curiosity it brought to people when they notice that her frocks and tops were all of African Fabric. In her teen years in the 80s, while her mates were stocking up on t-shirts, jeans, and western frocks, she was with the local tailor creating the same outfits but with African Wax. When the time was right to start Marijays it was a no-brainer that it would be Afrocentric. Ladies, here are some style tips from Uloma.

Image ref: Uloma Ezirim

September’s creator of the month is Miss Edidiyoung Ekwere, who describes herself as curious, multi-talented, and loyal to a fault with a heart of gold.

Edidiyoung is both analytical and creative and is superb at doing both. A rare combination that births science and art.

Image ref: Edidiyoung Ekwere

As a geologist, she said one of the most fascinating things about Geosciences in general, has been one of our fundamental concepts that states that the present is key to the past. How does a geoscientist also create art that leaves mouths ajar? Here’s the answer.

It is said in some quarters that women are the MVPs in the education sector because they are nurturers. IBIENE sought to find out how true this statement is a ‘Value Builder’ committed to developing human capacity and ensuring people identify and fulfill their purpose in life.

Mrs. Elfrida Diete-Spiff Omole is that woman. She is the Executive Director of Bere-Mont Group.

Image ref: Elfrida Diete-Spiff Omole

Her pool of experiences of nearly 25 years, from the banking sector to Information technology exposed her passion for innovation and strong entrepreneurial spirit. With the challenges and expectations of the 21st century a lot of lot skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation skills. Her vision is to raise a balanced child that imbibes all these skills. If you have a child of your own or know anyone who does, you should read more on educating the 21st-century child.

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