Inside the Mind of a Creator: A chat with Kate Stanley….

As the month of March winds down, Ibiene’s personality focus for the month is on a woman who dared to walk where mostly men thrived. She not only walked but also soared and reigned in the business of bar ownership.

Yes! She runs one of the go-to premium bars in the South-Southern part of Nigeria (Port Harcourt). This is a business where women would shy away from, especially in most parts of Africa.

That strong woman who against all odds is thriving is Chief Mrs Kate Stanley, the CEO of Cheers Bar Nigeria and Regis Court Luxurious Apartments. She is a wife and mother of three children, 1 girl and 2 boys. Her primary and secondary education occurred in Nigeria then she left the shores to further her educational pursuit in the UK.

In this tell it all chat, Kate tells us why she acts the way she does, what her inspiration is and her hope for the girl child. If you’re one who cares about looks, you surely want to keep scrolling.

Ibiene: You’re known for your elegant looks. What is your definition of beauty?

Kate: My definition of beauty, is to feel good in and outside of yourself. The way you carry yourself, your makeup and clothes also help. 

Image ref: Kate Stanley

Ibiene: What are some of the wrong perception women have about beauty and how can such be corrected?

Kate: Most women think looking good is to attract men, this is so wrong. Beauty is what you are born with and how you showcase yourself is how they will view you.

Ibiene: Let’s talk about motherhood and beauty especially the emotional turmoil that comes with snapping back post-partum. What would be your ideas for young mothers?

Kate: Most women go through this after child birth, post-partum is real, mostly for those women who wants to go back to shape. You snap back, by eating right and going to the gym. Also speak to your doctor for advice. 

Image ref: Cheers Bar Nigeria

Ibiene: You own a bar Nigeria which boasts of 20 years of Alcohol Infused fun. How have you been able to thrive in a male dominated space?

Kate: You are so right, Bar business is a male thing all-over the world, I’m so lucky to be able to break through this male dominated space. The men have come to respect me and the way I handle my bar. 20 years, I’m still standing, hard work pays.

Ibiene: March is the month for women. If you had all the powers in the world, what is that one thing you will change about the way women are treated?

Kate: Respect the girl child and equal payment in the work place.

Image ref: Kate Stanley

Ibiene: How are you able to manage it all your family, kids, business and your looks? What is your secret?

Kate: As a mother, wife and business woman as well as looking good, has not been easy, juggling this lifestyle. I have TIME for everything. Time for the kids, for my husband, for me and then the business.

Ibiene: What is that one make-up item you never leave home without and why?

Kate: My lip gloss. (Laughs). I hope this answers your questions?

Who says you can’t have what you want and some more? Have a question for Kate or comments? Do share in the comment section.

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