IBIENE Magazine clocks five!

Yaaay! It’s been an awesome five years of sharing awe-spiring content with our readers.

To celebrate our five years of being Africa’s lifestyle platform, we want to commemorate it by hearing from you as a member of this beautiful community.

Here are some of the celebratory messages from you, our dear community member;

“Made me know the vast cultures of Africa and her hidden beauty in every detailed tradition and lifestyle.” – Gloria Oamen

IBIENE Magazine is a hub of well written and rich information across health, food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and technology. It provides insight and entertainment for readers such as myself who enjoy reading and gaining knowledge.” – Richie Uanseru

IBIENE Magazine is an educative and eye-opening piece of work. It has informed me of diverse cultures and cuisines I knew nothing about. With its colourful eye-catching pages to in-depth information on topics, this Magazine is one to keep handy.” – Margaret Mezue

IBIENE, the lifestyle magazine, is a thrill for the senses, an excellent literary and visual experience that is eponymous in name and content with its very stylish and oh-so-polished publisher, Dr Ogolo. Over an adult lifetime of granting interviews, the IBIENE interview on my African art collecting has easily been my most enjoyable and memorable. Here’s to many more anniversaries of IBIENE.”- Dr. Peter Ntephe

IBIENE means authenticity, simplicity and excellence. Over the past 5 years, the platform has consistently provided valuable insights on culture, health, beauty, travel, tech and more. Thank you IBIENE for serving Africa and the world. Happy 5th Year Anniversary.” – Abiola “Champ” Salami, World-class Performance Strategist.

IBIENE: Best of three years

“Inspired and Educated me more in different aspects of life.” -Mrs Ibiba Omotosho

“As an American Nigerian living in America, IBIENE magazine has always been a welcome escape for me to reminisce about my culture and home country. The visuals are stunning and the content is on-brand with displaying the rich and vibrant cultural history that Africa exudes. Looking forward to more exciting content from IBIENE magazine in the years to come. Congratulations on 5 years. The hard work is paying off.” – E. Amene.

IBIENE magazine is very dear and precious to me; it is my only stop magazine to luxury, entertainment, way of life, technology, culture, food. It not only contains a variety of different aspects of life but it also enriched with content.” – Ayawarifa Ogolo- Mekoma

“The magazine is my go-to guide for travels, culture and wellbeing. It has helped me to experience what it is like to be a part of a community other than my own.

It is an avenue for getting information about travels, when I travel, I get more cultural understanding of other cultures helping to promote peace and tolerance.

I have become healthier by viewing content that engages new neuro pathways of the brain through new experiences. So, I am healthier because of this.

Helped me to connect with people cultures and perspective

Guide to never seen pictures and narrative.

Helped my social impact by reinforcing my identity and preserving the heritage and culture of my own people.” – Asogwa, Judith

Image ref: Facebook.com/Ibiene

IBIENE Magazine is one of my guilty pleasures on social media. It brings regular reminders of the beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places. It also gently prods us to take full advantage of life’s opportunities whenever and wherever they present themselves… because tomorrow is not guaranteed. This type of positive energy is critical in these crazy times. Thanks to the entire IBIENE team. Happy anniversary!” – Jay Alabraba

“I love IBIENE magazine because of the very colourful and crisp pictures. Not only are the pictures bold and beautiful, but each edition also captures moments, cultures and people as I have never seen before. No matter what I am doing, when I come across anyone, I am wowed and it always brightens my day. Keep it coming. I can’t seem to get enough.” – Shirley Kach

“After 5 years, IBIENE Magazine has continued to be an easy read publication which enlightens its readers with very informative trending materials. Here’s wishing you more readership in the next 5 years and beyond.” – Anonymous

“The IBIENE magazine is unique and diverse. It is a micro and macro ex-ray of issues from food, drink, history, culture, beauty, fashion and much more. The magazine reminds me of my ‘days’ with Time magazine of America. It has awakened my mind to the history and stories of Africa etc. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary.”– Professor Steve Azaiki. 

Image ref: Facebook.com/Ibiene

IBIENE magazine has been like a breath of fresh air. Very informative with verifiable facts. Keep it up. Cheers!” – Dr.Diepiri Ogolo.

“Congratulations on your 5th year anniversary of enriching lives with great insightful content. Continue to thrive.” – UK Mba, President JUMBA LLC, Cycles Gladiator wines.

IBIENE Magazine sets the standard for mining the sights, sounds and spices of a continent with the richest biocultural diversity, overlaid with flavours from around the world, and curating a truly cosmo-fropolitan spread for all minds that welcome adventure, insight and fascination. It should be a lifestyle complement to coffee tables, fireside chats and diplomatic banter anywhere on Earth … and maybe for the next space tourist’s trip out of it.”INIRUO WILLS

Thank you for your companionship these past five years. Cheers to more content that encourages you to enjoy even the little things of life.

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