How to throw a bridal shower: Planning checklist….

There’s a time to laugh… and a time to dance. – Ecclesiastes 3 vs 4

A gold pleated bridal sash

Your girl is about to become a wife and you want her to spend her last week as a single with friends, food and wine. It looks simple but can be daunting when you don’t know what to do. Here’s a simple checklist to have in your pocketbook when planning a bridal shower.

 Pick a date:
Bridal showers should be held about two weeks to two months before the wedding. When picking a date don’t forget to ask key friends for their availability.

Picking a date on a calendar

Compile a guest list:
As the host, you should set the number of guests the venue can take. The number of guests should determine the location. If the shower isn’t a surprise one, consult with the bride about whom to include.

A handwritten guest list

 Choose a theme:
This helps with aesthetics. But if the bride is not particular about styles and themes then don’t annoy her with too much detail.

A love themed bridal shower

 Pick the location:
This should be determined by the number of guests, the theme and of course how central or close it is for those attending especially the bride. It could be your home or a nearby venue.

Buy, make and send invites:
If the shower a surprise, be sure to clearly state that on the invite, with the date and location and theme clearly indicated on it.

Four to six weeks before the shower
Send invitations:
Ensure the invitation gets into the right hands. You can do a follow-up call to ensure that it was received by the right people.

Decide on decorations and centrepieces:
A table never looks wrong with flowery centrepieces.

Beautiful centre piece decoration

Plan a menu: It is advisable not go plan for an entire or a heavy meal. Do finger foods, Chapman, and sweets. If alcohol is a must, make it light. You don’t want to ruin the shower with drunken disastrous incidences.

Prepare an activity:
The first rule here is not do things that will make the bride uncomfortable. Be more careful if the bride is conservative, an introvert or touchy. Just engage in something fun- not strenuous or mentally tasking.

A bride and her friends

The week before the shower:
 Buy a gift:
The gift must be something the bride will like. If you have been her friend for a while, you should know what she likes. Just make sure it is memorable.

Shop for and prepare food:
This should not be on your checklist if you’re all eating out. But if you are organizing the meal, it’s wise you begin to do the shopping.

The day of the shower:
Make your last minute calls early enough. Friends should have come over to help with final meal and décor preparation. Chill the drinks and cross check everything needed including music, the sash and crown, her dress and the specific time everyone shouts “surprise”!

Make a gift-opening area:
Do give guidelines for gifts but don’t make it too strict.

A couple of ladies with gifts for the bride

So, with this checklist who’s next on your list of friends to throw a bridal shower for?

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