How to spend the last day of the year wisely….

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Good Congratulations! You made it! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve survived 2020 so far! It’s amazing that with all the hurdles 2020 threw on your path, you’re still standing. I’m sure you’re excited that the clock will strike midnight in a matter of hours.

Hold on with the excitement for just a bit. Let us take a minute to honour those who could not make it this far due to circumstances beyond their control. Make a good wish, if you can, for the loved ones they left behind.

Okay, back to where we were. We know it’s some hours to the new year and that means you’re not done yet. Here’s an important question you have to answer; How do you want to spend the last few hours of the mighty 2020? How do you want to remember the last few hours of the year in future?

Looking for clues? Let Ibiene be your guide.

Be grateful:

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Yes! It sounds cliché but your future self will thank you. It is said in some quarters that being alive alone till this time with all the crisis that has rocked the world is enough to say thank you both to God (what ever you may conceive him to be) and to family, friends and even people you’ve never met (like frontline and health workers). Take out some time, look through your contacts and begin to thank those who have been there for you in one way or the other. Call or chat them up. One more thing. Don’t forget to thank yourself too. You deserve it.

Forgive and let go:

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Wallowing in resentment for things that went wrong and in your life in the year is a no no. This is not the time to wet your popcorn with salty tears while binging on movies or TV episodes. But if crying is therapeutic for you, do go ahead and have a good cry but don’t stay down. Forgive the hurt, call the person to let him know how you feel about his action and let it go. Staying in that hurtful state is bad for your health. Why waste mental and emotional energy reflecting on the hardships of 2020?

Cling to hope:

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People who are hopeful have chosen to leave the pain behind and look ahead. Hope makes you want to move on. It makes you want to do something to change your state for the better. At this period when the world has bled so much from so much death, hope is what is needed to heal and move forward.


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Where are you now? Also, where do you want to be (not should have been)? And what will take you there? These questions will help you think clearly and chart a new course for yourself.


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Everyone including multinationals are restrategising because of the unpredictable nature of the present year. Many failed to accomplish their goals for the year so cheer up, you’re not alone. This is the time to throw regret out the window, pick up your idea pad and begin to plot your journey. It’s your’s anyways.


Clothes, shoes, books, digital devices, anything at all that you think you don’t need can better the life of someone else who don’t have as much as you do. Take a fine look at your sorrounding and let them go. It brings peace of mind and a refreshing surrounding.
You can also Declutter your virtual life. Whatsapp or Facebook groups that serve you no purpose or that you haven’t engaged at all in the year, should be let go of. Don’t let the fear of missing out clutch you in the throat. Also, go through your emails and picture folders. You’ll be shocked how much you have that is eating up space.

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Have fun:

For those that have worked and worked all through the year, don’t forget it’s the holiday season. Take out time to visit friends (putting into consideration covid-19 protocols in your country). You can go to the beach, a drive through movie, to a religious house or wherever you find joy.

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Set goals:

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Life is intentional. Don’t leave yourself to fate. You can still set or even carryover goals from 2020 into 2021. Don’t cancel them yet. Set goals and see yourself surpassing them.

Eat healthy:

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Trust Ibiene to add this to the list of things (inserts laughter emoji). You see, don’t get so carried away with the festivities that you eat all sorts, add calories you don’t need and then be under pressure in the new year to burn them. Save yourelf the stress and eat healthy.

What to do with a precious time like this is a choice we all have to make.

Ibiene chooses to say thank you to all our readers who have found our content enjoyable and useful. We appreciate your constructive feedback which have helped us serve you better. It’s because you keep coming back that we’re still here. So raise your glasses and let’s cheers to an awesome 2021!

What topics would you like to read about on Ibiene in 2021? We would like to hear from you. Do share with us in the comment section.

See you in 2021!I’m not a problem

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