How to save your mother language from extinction…

Remember those warm summer evenings filled with grandma’s stories, whispered in a language that painted vivid pictures? That’s your mother tongue, a unique melody carrying centuries of heritage. But with globalization pushing a single tune, many languages risk fading into silence.

UNESCO forecasts that, with the over seven thousand languages being spoken across today, around 3,000 could disappear before the end of the century, at a rate of one every two weeks.

Here’s how you can save your own mother tongue from going extinct:

Sing in poems and choruses:

Translate your favourite pop song, rap, or even lullaby into your mother tongue. Share it online, with friends, or even just belt it out in the shower. Every use is a celebration!

Movie night in Your native tongue:

Movie nights just got interesting! Many streaming platforms offer language options. Cosy up with subtitles or even switch the audio entirely. Bonus points for introducing your friends to a whole new cinematic world.

Leverage on Technology:

Language learning apps aren’t just for beginners. Brush up on your skills, discover forgotten proverbs, or learn new slang. Gamified lessons make it fun, and fluency is your ultimate trophy.

Socialize in your dialect:

Remember those childhood games played in your mother tongue? Revive them! Organize language cafes, online forums, or even game nights where your native language takes centre stage. Laughter and learning go hand-in-hand.

Write your own story:

Unleash your inner author! Start a blog, write poems, or even create social media captions in your mother tongue. Every word adds to the vibrant tapestry of your language.

Remember, reviving a language is a team effort. Now go forth, language champion, and keep that beat alive!

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