How to answer tricky questions from children….

Mommy, where do children come from?

Daddy, what does God look like?

If you’ve ever heard these questions or other tricky to answer ones, then read on.

If you have the ones that are yet to form words and sentences then pay a closer attention because the tough questions will come.

Ever been stumped by your little one’s curious queries? Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered!

Children are notorious for asking tricky questions that can leave even the most seasoned parent scratching their head. But fear not, because with a few simple strategies, you can navigate these conversations with ease.

Use the KISS model:

First off, remember to keep it simple. Children have a knack for asking complex questions, but they don’t always need a lengthy explanation. Break it down into bite-sized pieces that they can understand, and don’t be afraid to use props or visual aids to help illustrate your point.

Next, no lies, be honest:

Next, be honest. It’s okay to admit when you don’t know the answer – after all, no one has all the answers! Instead, use it as an opportunity to learn together. Encourage curiosity and exploration, and show them that it’s okay to ask questions.

If it’s 18+, then be careful:

Lastly, be mindful of your language. Children pick up on subtle cues, so be sure to frame your responses in a positive and inclusive way. Avoid using language that could be hurtful or dismissive, and always validate their feelings and perspectives.


  1. Encourage curiosity by asking them what they think the answer might be.
  2. Use everyday situations as teaching moments to answer their questions.
  3. Be patient and give them time to process the information.
  4. Foster an open and supportive environment where they feel comfortable asking questions.
  5. Try to turn the question around. This encourages critical thinking and opens a dialogue. It also gives you an insight into what they are being told elsewhere.

We hope you have a fantastic question and answer session with these little ones.

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