Happy Independence Day Nigeria: Why You Should Visit….

Nigeria turns 61! Happy Independence anniversary to this great nation!

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If you rely on what you see or hear in the media about Nigeria, chances are you would miss out on an opportunity to experience what the “Giant of Africa” is really like. With a thriving nightlife, an abundance of natural landmarks, local and international restaurants, and a boisterous and globally renowned entertainment scene, there is never a dull moment.

Nature is good to Nigeria. By virtue of its geographic location, you will find that escaping from everyday life into “bliss” is one of the easiest things to do in the country. And this is practically the case in every region based on the country’s varied landscapes. The sights and sounds of nature in all of its manifestations will enchant you.

Facts about Nigeria:

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First it is locked in an eternal battle with Ghana over who makes the best Jollof Rice. Lolz.

Nigeria has the third-highest number of languages in the world, that’s 527 of them! In almost any of the major Nigerian cities, you’ll hear the dulcet phonetics of the northerners, the aggressively charming intonations of the southerners, the sing-songy accents from the Niger Delta and the country’s Middle Belt, and so on.

Nigeria enjoys a Booming Music Scene:

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The music and entertainment scene in Nigeria is arguably one of the most exciting things about the country. The list of artists who continue to boost the country’s global image with their Afrobeat, Highlife, and Afropop tunes is endless. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch some of them at the clubs, concerts, get-togethers, weddings and anywhere else.

The famous Lagos, AKA “Lasgidi” is in Nigeria:

Everything you’ve heard about Lagos is what makes the country’s most commercial and populous city appealing. From mixed cultures, business, innovation, fashion, nature, entertainment, art, nightlife, hustle and bustle, fun and relaxation—you’ll find it all here.

Nigerians and parties, better together:

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It has been said that Nigerian’s party big! Why not?! Practically every celebration is a mini-festival, regardless of the occasion or the time of day – weddings, church thanksgivings, internment ceremonies, birthdays, graduation, name them! These events will leave a huge impression in your life.

Nigerian Jollof is not the only food:

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Nigeria has some of the healthiest foods and food combinations on the planet! In addition to this, you can find a variety of dishes to delight your taste buds, starting locally at the bukas (pronounced boo-kas) that is local eateries and spanning a continental and intercontinental reach at some of the nicest hotels and restaurants you’ll ever visit. Here’s one thing to ask for before you leave- Pepper soup! You’ll tell the tale to your children and their children.

Nigerians are big on History, Art, and Tradition:

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Diverse tribes and ethnic groups, ancient kingdoms, Benin iron and bronze castings, the Eyo Festival, soapstone figurines, wood carvings, artworks, the Argungu Fishing Festival, hyperrealistic paintings, the Calabar Carnival are only a quarter of the real deal.

The People of Nigeria:

Nigerians are witty, hilarious, generous, creative, great talkers, amazing sidekicks, and superb hosts. As a visitor, you might find it very difficult to complain about Nigerian hospitality. Plus, if you make a good Nigerian friend, that’s one thing you’ll never regret.

Nigerian Local Markets:

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Before you read on, if you’re on a quest to the local markets, ensure you dress comfortably and tie a chord that connects you to your host. You don’t want to miss your way. Unless you have an impeccable sense of direction, make sure you’re with a local who can navigate the markets well. From the New Market in Aba, Idumota/Balogun Market in Lagos, and Onitsha Main Market, whether you’re looking to buy exquisite, locally made fabrics, groceries, clothing items, electronic gadgets, or craftworks, or are just in need of some good “haggling spar”, you’ll get them

When next you’re thinking of adventure, think Nigeria.

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