Five Food Staples you hardly get tired of as a Nigerian

As a Nigerian, whether living in our multi-ethnical country or outside our lovely borders, there are several dishes that we are known for and whose cravings follow us wherever we go. These are just a select few out of a variance of many. Even though some of them are not indigenous to us, we identify with them still.


Nigerian staple
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There are several ways to cook, make and eat rice. Its our everyday every event food. We have the Jollof rice aka party rice, a nice topic of debate between us and our Ghanian counterparts any day. Fried rice, the forever present staple at any party along side Jollof. Ofada rice, a more traditional dish eaten with a rather peppery and savoury Ofada stew. Coconut rice, great for home economics practicals and an alternative from the basic boiled rice. Rice and stew, I believe this is one of the first dishes any Nigerian learns how to cook.


Nigerian staple

Aka Cassava flour is yet another staple in Nigeria. It can be eaten with cold water along side groundnuts for a cool dish or made with boiled water along side any soup of your choice for hot satisfaction. Its a quick and easy dish to make and is available everywhere you turn in Nigeria. Swallows refer in general to dishes that essentially are not chewed before they are swallowed. They include Eba, Amala, Semovita, Millet, Fufu and so on. They are best enjoyed with hot soups.


Essentially every noodle brand is referred to as Indomie amongst the people of Nigeria. This being because it is the most famous noodle brand. Quite affordable and quick and easy to make. Usually eaten the most by the children and youth of Nigeria, it is the second to the last resort of the common man. It has a wide range of garnishes from Eggs to Sardines, Corned beef, Sausages, Shredded meat, chopped vegetables and so on.


Bread is one of the most commonly eaten staples by any Nigerian. Some even posit that the Agege bread is the sweetest of them all. Locally made, it is soft, unsliced, affordable and comes in different sizes. Its sweet basic taste makes its edible with almost any accompaniment ranging from Eggs to Sauces, Stews, Beans, Suya and even drinks.


Last but not the least on this tasty Nigeran list is Yam. Yam tubers are also very common to spot in the markets in Nigeria and is one of our basic meals. It can be boiled and eaten with Eggs or Stew, Fried and taken with Sauce or Ketchup, Roasted as well or made into Porrage and eaten with all sorts of accompaniments.

If you haven’t been to Nigeria before and you’re looking to visit these are some dishes you should try. If you were born and bred in Nigeria, keep representing us wherever you go!

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