Deaf history month…

Every April, we celebrate Deaf History Month!

It’s a chance to recognize the rich culture and vibrant language of the Deaf community. But what does that mean for our everyday lives?

Here’s what you need to know:

Deafness isn’t a disability, it’s a difference. People with hearing impairment have their own unique way of communicating – sign language! Just like we have accents and dialects in spoken languages, sign language has regional variations too.

This month is a great opportunity to expand your perspectives. Learning a few basic signs can open doors to new friendships and experiences. Imagine ordering coffee using sign language, or having a conversation at a social event without needing to yell over the music. Pretty cool, right?

There are tons of resources available online and in your community to learn sign language. You might even find local events celebrating Deaf culture – from film screenings with sign language interpretation to workshops on the history of Deaf education.

So, this month and beyond, let’s celebrate the power of communication in all its forms. Sign language isn’t just for Deaf people – it’s a beautiful and expressive way to connect with the world around you.

Here’s how to feel the difference:

To get a glimpse into Deaf life, try watching a movie with the sound off and captions disabled. Notice how much information you miss!

Inclusion is everything:

Make eye contact, speak clearly, and use facial expressions. If someone seems confused, offer to write things down. Remember, patience is key!

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