A Cultural Calendar of Events and Celebrations Around the World….

Every tribe all over the world has a set of events that showcases their cultures and beliefs to the world. From Africa, to Asia, Europe and other continents all through the year there are marked festivals that are open for tourists, visitors and keen followers of cultures to be a part of.

Let’s draw a cultural calendar of events and celebrations around the world, that you can add to your destination list as you plan your vacation for the year.


Ethiopia’s Timkat Festival holds every January where Pilgrims flock to witness the grand procession and baptisms, marking the Orthodox Christian celebration of Epiphany with exuberant processions and hymns.


Still in January, the colourful Makar Sankranti holds in India, where kite-flying symbolizes the transition of winter to spring.


Every February in Brazil the world experiences a Carnival so colourful, plus a dazzling spectacle of samba and sequins. What is a Brazilan event without Samba?!


In April, Japan’s cherry blossoms usher in Hanami, a celebration of fleeting beauty and the transient nature of life.


As the summer sun graces June, Sweden embraces Midsummer’s Eve, a joyous occasion marked by dancing around maypoles and feasting on herring and strawberries.


There is the Oktoberfest in Germany every September. This is a beer-soaked extravaganza uniting locals and tourists in lively camaraderie.


Let’s take a trip back to the heart of Africa. Every June in Nigeria, there’s the colourful and spirited Durbar Festival deeply rooted in the Hausa tradition. During this event, there is a dazzling display of equestrian skills, colourful costumes, and traditional music, uniting communities in a joyous spectacle.

These events help us see our shared humanity and offers us a chance to connect, learn, and celebrate the richness of our global heritage. So, mark your calendars, invite friends, plan your trip and share pictures.

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