5 must-visit Christmas destinations in Africa ….

Jingle bells are just a few days away and the excitement can be seen everywhere with the well-lit streets, Christmas trees, holidays, snowfall in some regions and harmattan in another. These are awesome but nothing beats going on a Christmas Vacation with friends to unexpected places in Africa.

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Yes, in Africa.  

Like the idea? Come let’s take you on a mini-Christmas tour to the land of the sun.

Christmas in Cross River State, Nigeria:

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Cross River State is in South-South Nigeria and is home to one of the best Christmas destinations in Africa. The city features exciting activities such as an Annual Christmas Festival popularly known as ‘Calabar Carnival’, featuring breath-taking performances, colourful displays of the African culture, roadshows, music concerts and thousands of people in attendance, including celebrities and dignitaries around the world.

 Christmas in Umngazi Resort- Eastern Cape, South Africa:

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This destination is on the wild coast, deep in the heart of Pondolanda natural region on the South African shores of the Indian Ocean. The breath-taking scenery is made up of a rocky coastline, indigenous forests and secluded coves, plus a view of the Indian Ocean. This family resort, has a remarkable nature and glorious weather, making it the perfect holiday playground for families.

Christmas in Seychelles:

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Quiet and far removed from the bustle in big cities, this destination is a fair soothing and calm getaway from the hustle and bustle of corporate life as Seychelles is blessed with everything virgin and unspoiled – from clear, stunning beaches to tropical islands and littoral sand cays.

Christmas in Nxai Pan, Botswana:

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December experiences the beginning of the rainy season throughout Botswana, and this triggers an annual migration that very few people actually know about. At this point of the year, the zebra population leave the floodplains of Chobe and head towards Nxai Pan and its surrounding areas until the end of February. This mass movement of zebras is a truly remarkable spectacle and a must-see for any seasoned safari-goer.

Lamu Island, Kenya:

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If you want a relaxing beach holiday with fun-filled adventures for friends or family, then you should explore Lamu Island, where it is said that time stands still. This beach can allow time for leisure walks, hunting for shells or taking a fun-filled camel ride offered by the locals. It presents an opportunity for spending quality time with your loved ones.

With these destinations, Christmas has never been any better.

Do you have a Christmas get-away in your community? Do share with us in the comment section.

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