How to make perfect pancakes: An illustrated guide

Pancakes: It’s quick to make, and we bet you’ve got everything you need to make some right now.

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Let’s start by admitting that the nature of a perfect pancake is a subjective thing. Some people love thin, almost crepe-style pancakes, while others crave flapjacks that are heavy and almost cakey in texture. In the middle of those extremes is what we’re after — a pancake that’s got crispy edges and a moist, but not too dense inside. If you want to make the sort of hotcakes you’d find at an all-night diner in the middle of a long road trip, where heavy ceramic mugs accompany warm jugs of maple syrup ready to pour over golden stacks of butter-covered pancakes.

The key to creating these divine cakes starts with fresh ingredients: don’t use flour, baking soda, or baking powder that’s more than 6 months old, as it weakens key interactions that make the difference between great flapjacks and mediocre ones.

These instructions will guide you;

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How to make Vegan pancakes:

Making these vegan pancakes could not be easier. Simply whisk the dry ingredients together in a bowl, and then add the wet ingredients. Gently mix everything together until most of the larger lumps are gone. Since there is a hefty amount of baking soda in the recipe, you’ll notice that the batter begins to bubble straight away. This is a good thing since it means you are on your way to extra fluffy pancakes.

For sugar-free pancakes, you can leave the sugar out, but for the best tasting pancakes, I would add a little sugar. You can use granulated, brown, coconut or other types of sugar. Maple syrup even works.

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