How to make the second half of the year count….

An adjusted 2020 calendar

There’s a new 2020 calendar that’s trending on social media – January, February, March, Lockdown, December. That’s the wrong calendar! Never follow such.

You see, the current realities has turned the world upside down but isn’t that the way life is? You make a plan and then something happens that scatters your entire plan. When this happens, do you stop moving on? No! Well, that is the attitude we should develop post lockdown.

Globally, though the virus persists as economies are gradually reopening and life is gradually returning to it’s new normal. The months of April to November still count as months in the year 2020 don’t throw them away, make them account for the change we all have seen.

We can pick up from where we were dealt a heavy blow, dust ourselves and get back on track. This is what Ibiene hopes to achieve with this write-up.

Here are some tips to making the second half of 2020 count;

Don’t hate, Evaluate:

It’s never to late

Beating yourself up over unrealised goals can be an irresistible reaction to disappointment. Worst still is blaming others – in this case, covid-19. These two are utter waste of time.

You see, now is not the time for you to be “in retreat” but to go on a retreat. That’s right, the first place to start your turn-around is by taking stock of your situation. Use the opportunity to focus on how far you’ve come and create a mental space to plan out the route for going the rest of the way.
Start with the big questions like:
* Where am I?
* What do I have to work with?
* Where do I want to be?
* How do I get there?

Before you say there isn’t any time for the luxury of a retreat, let us stop you right there. Scheduling two days to find your bearings is a far better investment of time than a month of doing whatever you’ve been doing that hasn’t produced results. Don’t you think so?



During your time of reflection, make a list of all the goals you’ve accomplished so far. Think about the behaviours that pushed those goals to completion and write those down too. It could be more effective use of your hours in the day or a restructuring of daily tasks from the most important to least valuable.

Next, apply those strategies to the goals that aren’t yet realised. It’s not a one-size fits all approach, but the exercise will stimulate thoughts about other possible ways of checking more off your to-do list.

Renew your vows:

Vow renewal

Yes! You read it right.This is going to seem like an odd analogy but here it goes anyway: think of your objectives for 2020 like a marriage. Sometimes all you need is to remind yourself of the love and passion that has gotten you this far in order to go the rest of the way.

Create an Action Plan:

Action plan

Action plans give you precious clarity on your goals. That’s because they give a window into how you’re actually going to achieve them. It’s simple. Just write down ahead of time what you should do at a certain, time or place with who. It helps you Stat committed to your plan and eliminate time wasting activities.

Start like it’s the first half:

Half past 12

Think like it’s a football/soccer game. The game is broken into two halves. If a team struggled in the first half, the players and coaches have an opportunity to regroup, discuss what went wrong and decide on how to turn the match in their favour in the second half.

You are in the second half. Victory is still within reach. You just need to refocus your energies on the vision you’ve laid out for yourself. Let’s see those goals turn into wins and make the latter half the better half of 2020.

Grab every opportunity to turn things around:

A sign to do a u-turn

Nothing is wrong with feeling disappointed with your pace of progress. At the mid-year mark, we all think we should have accomplished more at this stage. No matter how intelligent, experienced or skilled you are, every one of us can use a bit of perspective now and then. It’s good to stand back, take a wide angle look at what you’ve done so far. Chances are, you’ve probably achieved more goals than you think.

As human beings we are subject to circumstances and fate beyond our influence. The only thing within our power is how we react to them.

How do you react to the rest of 2020? Please share with us in the comment section.

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