Getting set for 2022….

Congratulations, you’ve made it this far, even with the twists and turns 2021 brought with it! That’s worth celebrating.

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Just like the rest of the world, you’re excited that the clock will strike midnight in a matter of hours and it will be a new year!

But with a few hours to 2022, here’s an important question you have to answer; What are your plans for the New Year? Do you have goals or projects to accomplish? Or do you just want to take life as it comes? Whichever side of the divide you belong to? You have to get set so that the year does not just pass through you and you’ve got nothing to show for it.

Here are some tips on how to get set for 2022;

First, be grateful:

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Yes! It sounds cliché but your future self will thank you. It is said in some quarters that being alive alone till this time with all the crisis that has rocked the world is enough to say thank you both to God (whatever you may conceive him to be) and to family, friends and even people you’ve never met (like frontline and health workers). Take out some time, look through your contacts and begin to thank those who have been there for you in one way or the other. Call or chat them up. One more thing. Don’t forget to thank yourself too. You deserve it.

Forgive and let go:

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Staying for 12 months without anyone hurting you is almost impossible because you interact with people and there tend to be misunderstandings. This is not the time to wet your popcorn with salty tears while binging on movies or TV episodes that tell you the story of your life. But if crying is therapeutic for you, go ahead and have a good cry but don’t stay down. Forgive the hurt, call the person to let him know how you feel about his action and let it go. Staying in that hurtful state is bad for your health. Why waste mental and emotional energy reflecting on the hardships of 2021?

Cling to hope:

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Choosing to be hopeful and leaving the frustrations and pain behind and looking ahead. Hope makes you want to move on. It makes you want to do something to change your state for the better. At this period when the world has bled so much from so much loss and is trying to recover, hope is what is needed to move forward.


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It’s simple. Where are you now? Where do you want to be (not should have been)? What stopped you from getting there and what will take you there? These questions will help you think clearly and chart a new course for yourself. Make sure you write them down and review them regularly.

Now Re-strategise:

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Everyone including multinationals are strategising because as a new season begins. Many, for some reason, failed to accomplish their goals for the year so cheer up, you’re not alone. This is the time to throw regret out the window, pick up your idea pad and begin to plot your journey. It’s yours anyway.


Clothes, shoes, books, digital devices, anything at all that you think you don’t need can better the life of someone else who don’t have as much as you do. Take a fine look at your surrounding and let them go. It brings peace of mind and a refreshing surrounding. You can replicate this in your virtual life -Picture gallery, Whatsapp or Facebook messages and groups that serve you no purpose or that you haven’t engaged at all in the year, emails and others.

Set goals:

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Life is intentional. Don’t leave yourself to chance. It won’t treat you well. You can still set or even carry over goals from 2021 into 2022. Don’t jettison them yet. Visualise these goals and see yourself surpassing them.

As a way of rounding up the year, take a minute to honour those who could not make it this far due to circumstances beyond their control. Make a good wish, if you can, for the loved ones they left behind.

What are your New Year wishes or resolutions? Do share with us in the comment section.

See you in 2022!

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