Inside the Mind of a Creator: A chat with Kemi Balogun….

Image ref: Oluwakemi Balogun

Rarely would you find a woman who loves in totality. A woman who dedicates her life to the growth (spiritual and emotional) of other women.

There is a proof that such people, though rare still exists and are living among us. One of them is Oluwakemi Balogun.

Oluwakemi balances many hats on her head – an Evangelist, Intercessor, Prayer advocate and Teacher of the “WORD”, who uses the power of the internet to help women find and achieve their purpose.

Her ministry runs a vibrant outreach arm where they work with the prisons, the homeless, orphanages, the blind, destitute, old people’s homes, abused and women at risk and widows in Nigeria, Cameroon, United Kingdom, USA, France and Canada.

Ibiene caught up with this gorgeous and happily married mother of five to find out how she handles it all and still loves fiercely. Her responses though brief are poetic and deep. Keep scrolling for more…

Ibiene: What is your perception of life?

Oluwakemi: My perception of life is my current reality.

I am intentional with everything I do…. Everything.

My choices…the way I choose to live…how I want to live…

Life is all about choices.

I have chosen life.

Image ref: Oluwakemi Balogun

Ibiene: You care for plants. So far how would you describe the relationship between humans and plants and by extension the environment?

Oluwakemi: We were created to be gardeners.

That was man’s first occupation. They provide for us and we care for them…from the air we breathe… food… shelter… all the beauty around us…

Ibiene: If you had all the powers, what would you do to change those attitudes for the better?

Oluwakemi: Ah….change attitudes? Nah. GOD gave us free will for our own betterment…and to show us our true selves. We need to learn from our mistakes…

You know that we are all flawed… nobody is perfect… but thank GOD for CHRIST reconciling us to HIM.

We have been given simple rules for living life… and it’s like a universal law…such as do unto others as you want to be done to you.

I’m a Christian and I know that other religions follow this too.

When we get to the other side of eternity then we would have been fully transformed to the perfect beings that we were created to be.

So right now, we are all in GOD’S training school (LOL).

Image ref: Oluwakemi Balogun

Ibiene: What are your top three tips for surviving, succeeding and then progressing in these trying times?

Oluwakemi: Serving GOD…loving my husband… and my children…striving to be the best person I can be…really.

I come from a very close-knit family…my parents, siblings and their families…so…being involved in their lives is so important to me. My relationship with them is tantamount.

Ibiene: What’s that one quote, statement of belief or adage that keeps you going especially in bad times?

Oluwakemi: Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow.

I have been very fortunate in life…always believed that my name speaks for me…

Oluwakemi – GOD cares for me, and so maybe that’s why I have a great level of accountability to GOD…

It’s funny but I have chosen to see GOD in everybody so I will respond to people as I respond to GOD…

That said… my love for GOD makes me do what I do.

Ibiene: What would be one advise to your younger self?

Oluwakemi: Live….but be kind to others.

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