Why Yoga At The Office Is Essential For Living Well.

Yoga at the office has become a very essential need in our lives.

It is no news that our daily life has become more and more sedative, from long hours of seating at the office, traffic and in meetings and as a result; is causing more harm than good to our general state of health.

The perfect body these days has become the exception, not the rule. We often forget or rather ignore the mere fact of that being right or left handed causes uneven muscular development across the body.


When we carry out the same action(s) every day (e.g seating), we notice that we start to develop a certain pattern of movement and inevitably we will under-utilize our potential range. Our posture deteriorates and imperceptibly stiffness and stress becomes habitual, our performance and concentration at work may also be interrupted because of uninvited pain.

We must bear in mind that for as long as you are healthy and carefree, we can stay happily unaware of the trouble brewing up from poor posture. Most times we might feel great, because our bodies are highly adaptive and thus find ways to compensate with the stronger muscles taking over from the weaker ones. But as soon as we are tired, ill, stressed or emotionally upset, we suddenly become conscious of the sharp or dull pains.


Yoga at the office
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Introducing yoga stretches at the office during, before or after working hours will not only improve positive work performance, it also reduces the number of sick leave days taken by staff, helps to improve good posture and goes a great way in reducing stress.

Starting with gentle and basic stretches will help reduce back pains and every other pain related to extensive seating or standing. Lets all make that conscious effort to take care of number 1(self).


Post by Gloria Oamen – Alexis Yoga and Beyound

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