To Shave Or Not: Embracing Your Body Hair….

A woman getting rid of body hair

Do I really need to remove my body hair?

Almost every girl has asked this question at some point in their lives. Way before now, the answer would have been automatically a “yes!” but today the attention is shifting to other important issues and a growing number of millennials have found their answer: “Nope.”

As beauty trends have gradually become more inclusive, with makeup offering more natural shades than ever before, women are also giving themselves freedom from rules when it comes to personal grooming.

Body hair which used be a taboo for so many women is now being embraced by others including celebrities who speak proudly of their unshaven underarms and influencers who post unapologetically about their visible leg and arm hair.

This movement has given marketing department of razor manufacturing companies a run for their money, making it pretty difficult for them to condemn body hair for women like they used to.

The hygiene factor:

Shaing cream on a woman’s moustache

Many women do believe that removal of body hair has a lot to do with ‘hygiene’, ‘cleanliness’ as well as looking ‘presentable’. Despite women complaining about the pain, they go as far as bearing the discomfort, pain and sometimes scar to fit the image expected by society. Guess what? It is not free.

Let’s dive deeper:
Pubic hair serves as a protective barrier to the sensitive vaginal opening and actually helps to prevent potentially harmful bacteria from entering the body. Also, women who do choose to remove their pubic hair also run the risk of injury and having wounds, abscesses, rashes and ingrown hairs which are becoming more common.

So what’s the fuss about getting rid of those hairs?

Looking for answers? Dr. Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist findings show that women sometimes feel pressure to remove their body hair.

It all starts with society:

If women view the hair on their head and eyebrows as normal, why is the hair almost everywhere else gross?

Dr. Conason says “As a society and as a culture, we tend to be grossed out by the idea of having hair where it grows naturally on our bodies.” I don’t think there’s any deep, fixed reason we find body hair unattractive.” She says. “It’s illogical, but we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that certain beauty standards are held up as ideal.” She added.

We probably need to stop hair removal as a rite of passage for girls and teach other people to stop naming women with body hairs as “monkeys.” That way women can be comfortable with being themselves.

An Indian lady with body hair

You don’t have to keep bearing the pain to look good for someone who really even doesn’t care. Accept your body hair if you feel like doing so. It grows on you anyways.

Haven’t shaved your body and you don’t feel like doing so? Awesome. Your belly hair, legs, chin, under chin, toes? Hair is normal – even in the weirdest places. It’s totally natural. Maybe it’s about time you started embracing the real you.

So, would you still shave or not? Why? Please share with us in the comment section.

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